My Trip Down the Stairs

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A fun poem I wrote for English class. It was supposed to be a concrete poem, but. . . let's just say God didn't bless me with being artistic :)

Submitted: February 22, 2012

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Submitted: February 22, 2012



My Trip down the Stairs


I have been a klutz

All my life

Never been graceful

Always going bump in the night

My foot turned in

And there I went

Even though I landed on my arm

It was still an epic descent!

I wasn't the only one that fell, you know

Shattered jars of green beans in no particular row

My dad found me and laughed

Called my grandma and I went 

To McDonald's where I got a McFlurry and NeoPets

Then I went to the hospital

Straight to radiology

And a sexy blond nurse named Matthew

Took them for me

They gave me a sling

And put my arm to rest

In my opinion,

It was a patience test

I was told not to run

But it wasn't that bad

I got spoiled that week

It was actually fun!



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