New Season, Spring Day

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its about spring? stb, this summary things drives me cray

Submitted: April 26, 2013

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Submitted: April 26, 2013



Spring Day


The wind screams through the trees

Power lines jump with the energy of little children

Little flowers rise and enjoy the warm sunlight

This is spring

There is always healing rain

Gray clouds are contrasting against a beautiful blue sky

Rain winds of restoration? Possibly

All I know is that spring has sprung

And during this season

I know, You Lord, will make me new

Move me, Father; break the lock on my heart

Set fire to the reserves in my spirit

Crash over sorrow

Give me your joy, give me your strength

I know you see my breaking-point

I see the fingerprints of you on my heart, in my life

Forget me not, Spirit; do not pass me by

I die to myself tonight

My breath, my steps

Let your rain wash away my worries

 I promise to live for today, not tomorrow

For the next 24 hours will have its own worries & sorrows

I see the robins, the blue-jays

Even they are provided and thankful for a new day

Lord, I declare, this is the day I turn around

Remind me I don’t have the promise of tomorrow

And why would I want to live my last day crying?

I am carried by you every moment in my life

Like the sparrows I am not forgotten

You know the very pain that comes with my name

But you’ve given me a new one

Lucy, light of the world, daughter of the Sons

White wispy clouds are duller than I when I stand before your feet

I don’t understand why the sky is the hue of the mysterious blue

Shouldn’t it be green?

But blue seems to be a color of comfort

You molded the dust into rich fertile soil

You conformed it to be flat, bowed before you eternally

And you knit us together with the same type of material

You make beautiful things out of dust

You made the ground, you made me

You truly are the King!

I’ll walk everyday; bearing my righteousness, not my scars

And one day, I’ll be complete

And when I finally stand before you

I’ll be a beauty

This is spring, the death is done

Soon enough, I’ll be a new creation

Lord Jesus, I praise you for spring!

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