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I poem about space. I would love to see Earth from the other side

Submitted: November 04, 2012

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Submitted: November 04, 2012




Stars wink
Asteroids fly
Black holes suck in life
Black backdrop
Comets cry
All is peaceful in the sky
Space is endless
Space is free
Space is often found by dreaming
Millions of dimensions
Or so it seems
For you to explore
Go jump on the moon
Skate on Saturn
Drop by the red spot
And experience the storm of a lifetime
See Mother Earth, beautiful and green
Uncover hidden water on the red planet Mars
Go to a deathly sauna on Mercury
Get sweaty in the day and chilled in the night
All within Venus’ twirl
Find and seek 
All day long
In the land of dreams
Sparkling nebulas
Glittering galaxies
All created for your entertainment
Feel tiny by Kanious Majorous
The biggest star of them all
Whizz by satellites
Orbiting to give televised characters life
Feel weightless, feel heavy
Feel absolutely unordinary
Feel extra- terrestrial
And belonged 
Fart with the gaseous planets
Dig like an architect through
Rocky planets
Enjoy your space
Enjoy your zero-gravity
Enjoy your air
You miss it all
When you get down here

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