Psalm 23 Slam Poem

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Submitted: May 26, 2012

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Submitted: May 26, 2012




My prescription is scripture, and I get high on it
I don’t smoke, snort or shoot it, but I still rely on it
I take a hit in the morning, and if I need to get calm
I know my pharmacy’s open, to the 23rd Psalm
This stuff is the bomb
each gram of grammar is powerful
It’s so strong, on the street, they call it “infallible”
You wanna know if it’s palatable?
Man, it’s sweeter than honey
I do line after line, without my nose getting runny
without my hands getting shaky, without my eyes getting bloodshot
It’s even know to heal hearts clogged with sin’s deadly blood clot
My prescription is scripture, and you can’t overdose
You can drink it all night and there’s no comatose
And I’m not afraid of the cops - I keep my stash in plain sight
so when I’m out and someone asks me “Do you have a light?”
I’m like “I got one right here!”
and I start sharing some scripture
You should see the look on their faces
I wish I had a picture!
‘Cause I’m a “fisher of men” with my hand on the reeler
I’m not peddling answers, I’m just God’s local dealer
So you can call me an addict, a read freak or a liar
but I’m just the distributor… you should meet the supplier!

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