Rolling Sea

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If you don't stop crying, you'll drown in your tears...

Submitted: April 08, 2013

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Submitted: April 08, 2013



Rolling Sea

These emotions inside of me

Feel like a rolling sea

Anger crashes, sadness rolls;

Plans forgotten in the wind moans

Dark clouds loom above,

More of them gust in

Rain like tears drown me

The salt in open wounds

Sear with pain

Day by day

I hear my grandmother say

But I don’t know

How many more days

I can take

I hate seeing my best friend

Slip away like sand in my hands

On a breezy day

The beauty of this scene

Obscures the things unseen

No one knows how much I cry,

How art dark is thy dreams

I desire to be alone,

To go under and sleep

Only under the storm

My world is at peace

I scream at a dolphin,

She tries to comfort me,

“It’s not fair!

Why must I be drowning in this

Dry, rolling air!?

What possibly could the Jelly foresee?

What awesome thing could deliver me?”

The dolphin says nothing,

Just pained, vacant loving look in her eye

She chatters aloud

Trying to speak

But unable to hear

I begin to cry

What can help me?

Some type of life preserve

To keep me from drowning

I already promised

I’d hold on for dear life

But honestly,

Every day it feels like I’m losing the fight

I’ve gone numb,

Shut down

But what kills me

Is its only for now

I feel trapped

In this see that overwhelms

Lost in this ocean

Of negative emotion

I’m so tired of these

Crashing waves

“Day by day”

Hopefully it stops soon



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