The Goodbye Poem

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I was having a depressed moment :/

Submitted: February 22, 2012

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Submitted: February 22, 2012



Now you lay me down to sleep 

You pray the Lord my soul to keep

But no fear shall come to your mind

Because if you think, you will find

While I rest in His arms

I'll be safe from harm

Heaven is beautiful

Oh, yes, it's just great

I can't wait to see you

At the white, pearly gates

I hope you know the prayers

Which everyday you should feel

Are given to you from your dearest

But, first, let Jesus take the wheel

Eternal life is amazing

Yes, it's just grand!

Hurry up now

You don't want to miss the Promised Land!

To all my babies

Who sit here and cry

Say, it's good to keep living

You're never too young to fly

Hold fast to the day

When the trumpet blows

We'll see Jesus' face

And all of the world goes

Down into flames

Yes, down into Hell

The world will be like Alice

Who fell down the well

Now I give you my peace and my blessing

Whose whisper in your ear, to your heart 

Is carressing

The scars will mend

By His blood and his oil

Healing is around the bend

Where your trials shall recoil

Oh, this is goodbye

But it's not the last

If you take anything, my children

It's to Hold Fast




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