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This is just an except of my mind . . . the story behind the scenes of THE PRODIGAL

Submitted: July 26, 2012

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Submitted: July 26, 2012




Author's Note


Hey, guys its Rachel again. If you read this, then you've read through my novel The Prodigal! Yay for you. *THOUSANDS OF HUGS ASSAULT YOU WITH LOVE* A lot of people like to know how the idea sparked in an author's mind when they right something so vivid like this (or so I've heard. . .). Here's the story behind The Prodigal.

Landon Haley represents my spiritual dad, the associate pastor at my church (I won't release his name just cuz I haven't told him about this :P). If Papa wasn't so busy all the time, this is the relationship I fantasize we'd have. So I could get him off my mind, I decided to use his personality in the main character. Lucy portrayed me (Rachel) because that seems to be my nickname. So. . . One reason is because I long to have a father who will cherish me like I'm worth a million dollars instead of Abe's face on a piece of cloth (reference to a five dollar bill). :/ Oh well, I need to get over myself. Its life.

The drugs and alcohol part . . . I wanted to show why people do that. Some people do drink because it is fun, and others drink because of emotional release. As Lucy tells Landon, she also involved cutting in that routine. Some people tend to think you're a pshyco if you drink and spliff weed all the time. I wanted to lay that to rest. Some people do it because they have no choice. Landon drank and did drugs after his father died and continued some after until Lucy died. Do you guys think Landon is a pshyco? Please don't judge people. . . most don't know any better.

Finally, I wanted to show the true message of mercy and forgiveness. Landon had a hard time believing Lucy wasn't angry with him after she'd been rescued. She was just the opposite-- very thankful for his valiance. I made the two's relationship like best friends or father/daughter so I can illustrate what friendship is. They were there for each other, picking each other up if they fell down. In all honesty, I miss that. My best friend's dead. :(

 As you can see, they had their rough splotches, when one or the other would get on his/her nerves. But just like it says in the Bible, " Two are better than one, because they have a good return for their labor: If either of them falls down, one can help the other up." (Ecclesiastes 4:9)

I hope you were touched and encouraged and also enjoyed the book. Thank you and many thanks your way.



*Crazy Lucy*

or skilletgirl2


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