The Sunshine in Your Smile

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My friend and I are going through a hard time. If you need a pick-me-up, let this sing to you

Submitted: April 08, 2013

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Submitted: April 08, 2013



The Sunshine in Your Smile


You and I, my love

We’ve been going through some hard times

The rain keeps pouring down

The thunder still rolls

And lightning flashes in our dark skies

But oh, my heart rejoices

When I see the sunshine in your eyes


The shadow over your face

Keeps reminding me of an umbrella on a rainy day

It laughs at me, taunts me,

Teases me these showers

Will never pass away

But we know the skies cry hard

Before it smiles again

So take my hand, here we’ll stand,

And I’ll hold you against the wind


Since we’re here together

Why not make it fun?

While we’re standing through these Noah days

Waiting for the sun

Let your hair down

Smile a little

Let’s have a little jubilee

Halfway in the middle

Take my hand, dance with me

And surviving but happy we will be


Do you feel it now, darling?

We’re almost done

Do you see the hints in the black clouds of golden sun?

At night you can see the faint wink of stars

I’ll hold you close, baby

Our rescue is fast-approaching

Yes, beloved, it’s not that far


If I’ve said it once, I’ll say it twice

Through rain and shine, you’ll be by my side

Please smile, my love

Don’t you see?

One glorious day, we’ll have the victory!


I think you and I should stand and sing

Isn’t that what they say?

That we should sing in the rain?

Or do they say we should dance?

So we won’t get so wet?

Let’s go take a jog

Find a mellow creek

I’ll give you a pick-me-up

And we’ll get through the week


I brightened you last night

Through your laughs and your cries

There was joy and hope

That lit up your eyes

I treasured that moment

When violet eyes grew blue

When you flapped your wings and finally flew

When that broken spirit was finally made new


I thought you were ok

That you knew you’d be free someday

But you just turned your heavy head and walked away

You called me this morning, still haunted by your dreams

Of hopeless, reckless, looming nightmares that you’re getting

Tears filled your eyes, and you felt so filled with fright

It hurt my heart that you were so torn up inside


You promised you’d hold on; now please stay to your word

Because trust me, my love, there are a lot of unsaid words

I write you constantly, text you every morning

But there is so much more I can’t say to you

Wipe the tears from your eyes

For there’s sunshine in your smile

Hold today, dance tomorrow, I beg you stay awhile


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