This Should Keep Us All Thinking

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This is a paraphrased true story from a testimony someone shared with me at a pro-life banquet. This is my own version of the story about Hillary Clinton and Mother Theresa, with an interesting conversation they had at lunch.

Submitted: January 25, 2012

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Submitted: January 25, 2012




This Should Keep Us All Thinking
Hillary Clinton checked her watch. She paced the United States seal and went to one of the men of the Secret Service, who was standing guard at the Oval Office threshold. "Excuse me, how late will Mother Theresa be?"
The man smiled. "Mrs. Clinton, there she is now." Without looking from straight ahead, he pointed in the distance to the woman. 
Security helped her into the room. Hillary greeted Mother Theresa warmly. "Mother, thank you for coming. Take a seat, why don't you? Lunch and iced tea will be served immediately. Right, Lilly?"
The young servant nodded. "Yes, ma'am. Straight away."
"Thank you." She took the fragile woman's wrist and lead her to the couch. "So, tell me. Running an orphange alone, in a third- world country. How do you do it?" Hillary sincerely admired.
Theresa took a shaky sip of her tea. "Think of it this way. Would your husband talk to you about the color of his socks when the cares of the United States lays upon his shoulders?"
"No, certainly not. There's a million other duties he has to attain without us talking about the color of his socks. But, I might be a little hurt if it was my personal life." She raised her eyebrows. "I apologize, Ms. Theresa. I don't seem I understand what you're saying. Clarify yourself, please."
"See, the way you would feel about your husband blowing you off is the way many orphans feel about life. They think the Fates have passed them up without a second glance, and many are hurting and insecure because of that point of view." Mother Theresa took a freshly cut, ripe tomatoe and squashed it between her teeth. 
"Excellent inspiration, Mother. A very good view. How do you endure this, though? Don't you lose your patience like every other human?" Mrs. Clinton was indeed intrigued by this motive and Mother's tolerance with begging, hurt children.
Hillary's guest chuckled and pointed heavenward. "Only Him. In Christ alone."
They were almost finished with their lunch when the president's wife asked the question she'd been veering up to ask since two weeks ago. "Mother Theresa, do you find it surprising we haven't had a single female president yet? What is your opinion?"
Without looking up from her chicken romaine soup, the humble woman responded, "Dear, you probably killed her off with abortion."

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