Venom in my Veins

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Poem about Holy Ghost benefits

Submitted: July 30, 2012

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Submitted: July 30, 2012




There's a rare type
Of venom in my veins
Its contagious in life's rain
And the venom keeps
Me the same
I would never trade it for anything
Its a drug to my mind
Gets me so high
Always faithful to send
Its toxins just in time
This poison is a sweet,
Invigorating painkiller
Its so addictive
When I need my fix
My life depends on it
Dealers and doctors
Don't prescribe it
The secret of my 
Hidden venom?
Its transcends from glory to glory
Not worldy disguises
And this particular prescription?
You can't deny it
When you get this divine disease
You're very symptomatic
You'll love the illness
With great difficulty
You can attempt to conceal it
Enough with the
Effects and warnings!
Just say the name?
Its called Holy Ghost haha's
That soul-fire wind
Now, sis
Do you see why my cranium spins?
Its a cousin of God's peace
Cuz when Jesus works
Giggles is with what he greets
When you get peace, you get joy
That's what the venom deploys
Joy brings fire, flames bring change
Singeing the fearful hold of gravity
That's my infection
A higher injection
Than meth and marijuana
Not a simple drug prescription
This comes with only one waiver
You're doing your soul a favor
Not looking for a temporary Savior
Want my poison?
Let Jesus in
He'll clean your secret sin
And remove the past filth
With pure linen
Call the Holy Doctor
Not the medicine cabinet
Because JC is the best drug 
You've been hooked on yet

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