ICE by Luke Jenkins

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ICE- There is a frozen lake in the backyard of a home in Chatanooga, Tenessee. Someone once goes iceskating along the pond, and falls trhough, only to then discover a gold filled cave, and a strange scientist.

Submitted: January 04, 2013

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Submitted: January 04, 2013




It was the first time in my whole life that it actually snowed in Chattanooga, Tennessee. I do not mean it snowed a couple flurries, then stopped, but almost a blizzard.
In the back patch of our property, we had a lake (40 by 73 yards) that was frozen solid. I ran out to that lake in my brand new skates. My, how many times I fell, but that was not the important part. It was that my enjoyment was beyond limits. I felt like there was something I was good at, besides drawing or doing mathematics.
Then the terror of my mini adventure came. When I crashed through the ice. No one was nearby, I was alone in that freezing water! I looked around. My pet dog, a yellow lab, was standing a couple feet away, but he was no rescue dog, he was a fat lazy dog.
I had to get out— but how? A rope was out a little way on the lake, but I had nothing to catch it with. It had to be six feet away, but my short arms were unable to reach it. I took my gloves off, and tie them together (my hands were solidly iced) and cast them toward it, but that only equaled to five and a half feet. I had nothing able to reach it. And now, I was sinking into the water. My life was over.
My shoes fell off, unveiling my feet that were deep purple. I heard my shoes clang on the bottom of the pond (which was also frozen) then I completely sunk. I could not breath. Next, I fainted.
My eyes opened! And there was a light, a mysterious light, glowing furiously. I was in a room made of ice. It was a cave of gold!
Obviously, when I fell down and blacked out, I fell into a hole made in the ice, that led underground, and now, I was in a gold-filled cave! I grabbed as much loot as I could. Then I heard a voice: “Hello? Who are you?” A man in a lab coat appeared. “Young man, how did you get in? That’s not an important question, so follow me!”
I followed the man into a machine. It looked like a time machine. He shut the door and ran to the other side of the room. *Click*
I woke up in my bed. Next to me, was a pile of golden coins. This was no dream.

December 27, 2012

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