ICE Revised and Expanded by Luke Jenkins

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Ice- In the backyard of a small home, there is a lake, frozen solid from the freezing weather. The Ice contains mysteries, and an eerie man...

Submitted: February 08, 2013

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Submitted: February 08, 2013



By Luke Jenkins
This event happened on an early January morning. I cannot remember the correct year, nor any further details. What I clearly remember was the terror I faced that eccentric day.
The day would be considered as any regular winter day. The sky was cloudy, tons of snow fell, and the temperature reached below 22°. I had put on my ice-skates and headed out into the cold.
In the far back patch of the property I lived on, there was a pond. It was about the size of a baseball field. The trees, covered in frost, with dangling icicles, hunched about the edges of the pond. The pond looked like any regular walking space.
I started off at the edge of the pond and worked my way up to the center. I kicked my legs back and started off. It was great until my first fall. I fell directly on my knees and had the feeling they’d be bruised for a while.
A couple of minutes went by. Some sort of change in the weather happened, I believe after the sun had peaked through the clouds that the weather changed to a decent 30°. The ice glimmered and gave glistening contrast to the icy pond.
Then, while everything was going great, I crashed. I had crashed through the ice!
I laid there, unaware what precautions should be taken, and shivering from a small case of frostbite. The only resource to save my life, was a rope, but it was six feet away.
My first attempt at retrieving the rope, was taking my gloves off and tying them together. Unfortunately, that barely stretched out a full foot, and had no capability of grabbing the rope. Besides, the rope was not tied down to anything, I couldn’t have just pulled myself out!
I felt this was where everything ended. I missed everything; missed reading, missed listening to the Ramones give their shout—“Gabba Gabba Hey!”— and I couldn’t believe I missed this, but even school!
My shoes fell off and clanged against the bottom of the pond. I heard that much. The way they hit the bottom of the pond sounded like a loud gunshot.
At last, I began to faint. I hoped for my yellow lab to come help me out, but he was only a lazy dog. There is no possible way he could save me.
Down into the water I went, unconscious and freezing to death. If I still had enough awareness, I would have hoped for a parent or somebody to come looking for me!
I also would have thought my end would be on that bottom layer of ice. But, I did not know that where I had fallen, there was no bottom layer of ice!
Apparently, when fell to the bottom of the lake, I drifted into a small hole, that of which carried me into an underground tunnel. There I saw a distant light.
The light twinkled off the walls of the tunnel, which revealed it to be lined of gold. Before someone could find me, I quickly stuffed my jacket with all the loot I could salvage.
A far off voice rang out to me, made me shiver and feel I was caught smuggling all this gold—but then again, it was a cave. Finders keepers.
“Hello?” The voice said, “Is anybody here?”
Suddenly, an old man, the hair of Einstein, a white lab coat, tall and thin appeared to me. He leaned over and talked.
“May I ask how you got in?”
For a second, I felt like running for my life. But what good would that do? “I fell through. I fell down my pond, sir.”
“Hmm. Interesting. Anyhow, I need to transport you back. My name is Arnold.”
“Don’t you have a last name?”
“What’s that?”
“Excuse me?”
“Forget that, follow me, sonny. I’ll get you back where you belong.”
I followed this man down the tunnel for a quarter of a mile. There I discovered his laboratory. It was full of these weird futuristic oven-like objects.
He asked me to step in one. I felt I had no choice.
I stepped in, he ran across to the back of the room and stood next to a switch. “1—2—3—4.”
All the sudden, the device I was in roared with a sizzling shake. A weird ‘zoom’ sound came and I disappeared into a bright light.
I woke up to the sound of an alarm clock. For a minute or two, after adjusting to the real world, I thought it was all a dream. Then I turned my head at the sight of a bright, shiny stack of gold.
I decided since then to stay far away from any frozen ponds… Though sometimes it still tempts me.
The end
—Luke January 23 2013

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