Night of the Devil

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About a rape.

Submitted: January 30, 2013

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Submitted: January 30, 2013



I still have flashbacks of the night where it all went wrong.

I remember the lies he fed me to lure me out of safety and into his arms.

He was older than I was, and I felt special.

He bought me drinks, and I succumbed to his charms.

I blame myself for being so naïve.

I got too drunk, and I fell for obvious tricks.

I thought I finally found someone that respected me.

But in the end, he was the biggest prick.


That night, I was reminded of what true hate is.

I felt fire inside me as the devil forced his way in.

I felt the greatest fear in my life

As my eyes blurred and cold sweat broke out on my skin.

I couldn’t speak any words but stop and no.

I couldn’t stand the look of his grin.

I didn’t fight because my body was paralyzed.

I didn’t cry because then he would win.


When he was done, I laid on his bed.

I wasn’t ready to face the world without my pride.

But I knew that I would keep this a secret.

And lock it away with the memories I hide.

I am angry that I was so ignorant

I thought I had learned from before

“Who gets fooled not once, but twice?”

I ask myself as I cry alone on the floor.

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