The Nightmare of the Mirror

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A poem about a battle within.

Submitted: July 03, 2013

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Submitted: July 03, 2013



A small crack sprawls down the mirror.

Infinitesimally small, seemingly meaningless.

But a single release of my breath

And its true form will egress.


Sharp blades will fly across the room

Slicing through anyone in its path

You can try to run

But there is no hiding from its wrath.


So I tip toe past the mirror

That awaits my return home everyday

It watches my every move

As it waits to attack its prey


It haunts me as I sleep

There is no escape from this nightmare.

My strength weakens from the constant presence

I am destined to die in despair.


I cannot lead a life of fear anymore

I am sick of tight lungs and sweaty hands

She taunts me to end this war

To take over her command.


With white knuckles, I approach my foe

I attack with no plans of retreat.

Shards fly into my body

Blood begins to pool at my feet.


Eyes closed, I fall to my knees

Relieved to be rid of the enemy

And ignoring the pains from my battle,

I release my breath, finally free.


But this freedom tastes like fire

And when I open my eyes, I see

Thousands more staring back;

She knows she won as she laughs hysterically.


She makes her final move

Slowly slicing away my dreams

I cry burning tears of blood

My vision turns red as I scream.


She slices through my throat

Through my mind and thriugh my chest

Through what’s left of my pride

While I fall to lay in my final rest.

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