To My Friend Procrastination

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Something I wrote while procrastinating...

Submitted: February 08, 2013

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Submitted: February 08, 2013



Oh! My sweet friend Procrastination,

Will your games ever end?

You tempt me with your company

And make me choose between my friends.

Why do you get so jealous

When I spend time with my friend Work?

You stare at me with needy eyes

And I feel like such a jerk.

I do everything you ask,

I’ve played your games and watched your shows

But although I’m having fun

As my boredom dwindles, my workload grows.

And when we finally part

I always find my friend Stress awaits

To lecture me about my choices

And the destructiveness of our dates.

Perhaps dear Stress is right

And you are dragging me down

For when I find my papers stacking

I find that you’ve left town.

So now, too late, I understand

Through the tricks that you have played

That you are a fair weathered friend

And in bad times you will betray.

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