Anger Stems from the Truth and the Heart

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This content helps provides reader a better understanding of how to cope with personal issues that have affected their lives tragically from losing a loved one to deciding about a particular problem in life. Young readers are urged to have a parent and guardian with them when reading this material due to the strong emotional and mental language that is conveyed throughout the selection. Happy Reading and hope you find it enlightening!

Submitted: August 24, 2013

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Submitted: August 24, 2013




Anger Stems from the Truth and the Heart:

I recall when I was of a younger age; my thoughts were still trying to figure out who I was and what my main purpose in life would be besides planning my future with success and disciplined. A friend of mine who shall remain unnamed within this context showed me how to unlock my true identity through comfort, understanding and most importantly the youthful passion that instills us all as humble human beings. Anger have always been a central figure in the development of the person I would become because of the various issues I have faced throughout my life as if the ocean’s waves were swallowing me up to an unknown fate.

My anger started to develop slowly after my beloved mother passed away in 2008 which I felt a giant knife was cutting through my world and shattering it into a million tiny pieces. The world which I formerly knew was completely dissolved in lava and a new set of ordeals would occur as the passing years would go by swiftly but agonizingly slow. My neighbor, a close friend of the family told me and my brother about the terrible news and my soul developed constant panic attacks as I digested the shock both painfully and emotionally. I remained in a constant state of dread for the entire day as I reflected upon the good memories me and my mother had together and the counsel she provided to the family that the heart shall not die but continue to be enriched through prayer and support. The vivid memories that replayed in my head haunted me for weeks to come because I yearned for her existence to be once more and said to her the wonderful contributions she has made to the family as a whole.

The words of my mother away passing pushed me into a whirlpool of unresolved anger that I had within me for the past week from not being there when she was ill to not being confident myself about the approach I took with a friend of mine that actually helped me realize that the only way to be truly happy with who you are is to not blame yourself for the decisions you made. Anger has consumed me greatly for the past couple of years as if a fire is covering the entire house with flames without any support from the firefighters.

I remained in a constant state of anger and resentment for the next few years toward people who tried to help but I felt they did not understand the pain or anguish that weakened my self-esteem or lacked the knowledge of my past, personal history. Anger is like a storm cloud shrouding our every thought because through its immense powers comes a greater chance of destroying the identity we have cultivated since our creation. The resentment I exhibited few years after my mother’s death presented a variety of social and familial issues including lack of mental support, strained relations with my immediate family and emotional consequences that have affected my health both physically and mentally.

The words and counsel I have received from various sources over the years helped me realize to come to terms with the long-term anger I have been experiencing and the assurance from other people that nothing can be blamed but what occurred in the present can surely be a preparation for the future.  I realize the importance of coming out truly about my identity and channeling my anger through various support groups and therapies have helped me to realize the true importance of how concealing anger can cause both emotional and physical consequences for our well-being.

A word to individuals suffering from extreme anger and resentment is never hold those accountable for trying to have an accurate understanding of your character but try to realize who you truly are as a person and never give up to seeking answers to the most important questions that can help expel the anger and create an identity that is authentic in both character and charm.

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