The ballad of the north star

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It's similar to a greek myth, and kind of like a Romeo, and Juliet, kind of a mix, but almost all made up, accept for some of the background info. It's a story of great love, and that part comes in very hard, very fast. from the beginning most would figure it's just a old war story, but really thats just a side plot, anyways enjoy!

Submitted: May 18, 2011

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Submitted: May 18, 2011







King Enmebaragesi

King Erushibi


The North Star

When the lights are all out, and you look into the sky at night there is always one star that sticks out, brighter than any other, always in the same place. The north star that is. So what if I told you that there's a story behind the star that moves not, and it's seemingly countless years? Believe it or not, there was a beginning, of it's fiery reign, as old as war itself. Tis the greatest legend of love, and valor, Pride, and war, a story that I could not speak lies to say tis mine own, but can say I know the story well.

We must go far back, back to around 2,700 B.C. Conflicts between sumer, and elam arose, skirmish's between small groups of soldiers have become quite common now, but King enmebaragesi grew weary of this. The people of sumer feared that one day Elam would conquer them, this. Enmebaragesi would not stand for this, nor would his son prince Romius.

"yahhh!"[clinging of metal blades against each other].

Romius battled dualed Julias in the palace court yard, for sport, not life. King Enmebaragesi's right hand, and his army's first in command, seeing as Enmebaragesi was growing old, and was to old to fight. Now well passed mid aged, he was a man of sixty years. Enmebaragesi made up for in wisdom, that which he lacked in fighting ability. That is why the king solely decided who Sumer shalt campaign against.

"C'mon Romius, you swing like a maiden!"

ahh! I'll show you a maiden's thrust!"[metal blades clinging, and causing sparks].

"I' have thee now!"[cling!]

Romius' skillful swing propelled Julias' Iron Claymore into the air, his next move was to bring his blade to julias' throat. Julias rose his hands, with a content smile on his face. Romius gave his father enmebaragesi a gaze, the king rose and appluaded, and so did julias. The king motioned with his right hand for julias to take his leave, so he may talk to his son. As he walked away he lay his hand on Romius' breastplate.

"Farewell mine friend."

"mine son, ye hath made me a proud father, ye hath done more for mine kingdom, then any prince of any land has done. You hath beaten the strongest of mine kingdom's soldiers in duals, and now you wish to lead mine soldiers to victory against the forces of Elam. This however is against mine will, I cannot risk losing mine only son... mine only heir. So I decline your request to fight in the frontline".

" Father! Tis not your choice shalt I fight, or shalt I cower. Tis mine choice, and I choose to fight, weather it be against your will or not so. being able to fight, and refusing tis the act of a coward, and a coward shalt not I be!"

"Ye simply do not speak to your father mind ye, ye speak to the king, whom tell ye nay. Though to fight or not fight not may be ye choice, not mine, shalt ye live, or shalt ye die is a choice that lays not in your hands nor mine hands.Ye be mine only son,whom I love with thee entirety of mine heart, and soul. you are the heir to this great kingdom. You are needed by the people more than mine soldiers".

"But father I wish to fight! I''ve trained many years, all of ye's strongest hath dualed me, and none hath smitten me. I am ready! Not a single blade shalt touch mine head,nor breast, nor arm,nor leg! I...".

"Damn ye! Now ye has over used the freedoms I hath given thee!I simply cannot risk losing ye! Now I hath gave ye reasons, and ye shall respect mine will! mine army shall be lined, and ready to fight, and die if need be, outside basra, at dusk, without ye near! Does ye understand!"

"... Yay father..."

"good then begone"

Romius left the courtyard, leaving the impression that he would obey his father, but little did Enmebaragesi know, Romius had no intention of obeying his father. Romius was a soldier, a warrior, stronger than most of the men in sumer, and more skilled then all of them. He was a man of fare ear legth hair, and a mild beard. Built like a boulder. No give, pure strength, skin tough, and battle worn. Biseps large, and firm. He had deep blue eyes, his face, rugged, strong jawwed, and a pertruding jaw.

Romius walked around the great city that would one day be his, he bought fresh fig, and wine from the market place. Where he sat and awaited his lover helena. Whom was a maiden well known, whom came from a respected family. A maiden whom was the most fare through his eyes, and a women whom was known throughout sumer for her lustful beauty. Twas she Romius did love, twas she Romius would die for no doubt.

Helena had fare long blonde hair, she was average height, face flawless, and slim. her skin was smooth to the touch, but goosebumps rose to Romius' touch, which he did often, and often did she enjoy. The thing Romius was most physically attracted to was Helena's deep, seductive blue eyes. Which Romius often did gaze upon.

When she did come they embraced eachother, and sat and did eat, and drink. When their stomachs were satisfied, and thirsts were quenched, then they did speak.

"Mine love what news do ye bear of the war?"

"I bear news of misfortune that I may not fight, for mine father have deemed it so."

"Ohh praise the gods!Romius! This is no misfortune, but a blessing, Do ye wish to lose me? I wish not to lose thee!"
"Speak not ill things my love, for ye know I would sooner place mine own sword in my heart then lose thee! Question not mine love for thee for ye know tis truer than any man's love for any maiden! Ye know me well, and ye know all of Elam has not a chance against me, and being as tis a fight for thee I would smitist them all with mine own hands, armed, or bear!"

Forgive me my love, but thou art over confident, and that tis my fear. If thou underestimatist thine opponent it could be fatal for thee. I question not thy love for me, but see not why thouist must fight?

"I must fight for the soldiers i've trained with, the men I call mine brother, they are kin to me, and if I shalt fight I will see them all one last time. I owe those who shalt die that honor, I owe them my respect. What shalt the people of sumer think of me when I rule if I decidist to cower in the face of death?"

"My love I understand, but I don't wish thee to go!"

A tear came from Helena's eye, and Romius did wipe the tear from her eye, and did embrace her, and did comfort her.

"Oh Helena let thine eyes shead not a tear for thee, for this shalt not be thine last day with me. Mine love burns so fervently for thee that I promise thee as sure as the tygris, or euphratesshalt flow tomarrow, as sure as the sun shall rise to shine on us another day, I shalt come back ."

"Oh really, tis thou love for me great enough that thee shall come into mine dwelling, and lay with me, and treat it as it may be the last?"

"Fortune seems to smile once more on me, witch makes me smile also, it shall be done."

Romius, and Helena did kiss so passionately that their audience was split in two; the side with more class that did deem it innappropriate, and the other that did deem it a show they were fortunate enough to see.The group of higher class scolded, and scouled at them, as the other cheered with much volume. Romius, and Helena noticed not.

Romius, and Helena did walk to Helena's dwelling, and they did make love. Following after doing so, Romius told her of his plan, to climb down the banner outside his window with his weapons, and would have the stable master cloth him in his armor wich he had hidden in his steed's stall. He would then ride off to basra before his father would even acknowledge his absence. Romius did again comfort her, and then Romius did lay with Helena, and did sleep, knowing the challenges he must face when he awakes.

Romius awoke before the sun shined upon him. He was careful not to awake Helena, for he did not want to upset her more, so he wrote on clear parchment a psalm of his love for her, and laid it on her chest, before kissing her forehead, and saying goodbye. A single tear fell on his way. He departed for the palace. When he arrived, his father met him at the door

"My son, I am sorry. You have made me a proud ruler, and have done more than enough to earn a right to do that witch thou desire. I twas no stranger to war at a tender age much younger than thou art now, and now I have had too many years in this realm to fight again, but sumer needs thou, not right now, but later, and thou must be here to hear her call. So thou must not put thyself in harms way. Twas wrong for me to shout at thee before, but tis wrong for thee to risk thy own life in this fight. Mine soldiers art strong, and shalt surely bring us a decisive victory. Doest thou understand?"

"Yay father, I shalt obey thee. Now please excuse me father for I have... errands to attend to."

"Farewell my son."

Romius went to his private chambers, where just outside the window there was a long banister that hung a clouple feet from the ground. He gathered his weapons, and gracefully slid down the banister, then treaded carefully to the stable, taking care not to be seen by his father. The stable master knew not to question his request, for help putting on the armor, and did so. Romius road the steed through the palace gates, and did ride to basra.

He arrived while the soldier's were still lined at the top of the hill all that separated him, and sumer's soldier's from the Elamites twas the dip of a hill. Romius did not slow, or stop he cut through his soldiers, charging down the hill screaming CHARGE! The sumerians yelled their battle calls, and swung their blades, falling not far behind Romius.

Romius drew first blood swinging viciously at the enemy. Twas several seconds before the sumerians arrived, long enough that Romius twas surrounded by the Elamites. He blocked the swings he could, but they swung too low, too many times, and did cripple his steed. Romius fell to the gound. The Elamites seemed to ignore him, as he held his shield out in front of his face, swinging his blade in every witch direction. He watched and saw his men, his brothers kill, and be killed, and let out a cry.

"Ahhh!No more games, I shalt smite thee now!"

Romius arose, and he did swing his blade, with far more passion, and anger than ever before, and he did smite those who opposed him. An Elamite came from behind did attempt to thrust his blade through Romius.

[clinging of blade against armor, and cracking of armor to blade]


The Elamite was interupted by a blade going though his own chest

"to whom do I owe my Life? Who doth savist Romius' life?"

"Tis I your dear friend Julias!"

"Julius!? I feared the worst, that I would never see thine blade again, except at a funeral procession. YAH! "[Cling of metal on metal, and screams from an Emalite]

"Good kill my brother. Tis not be so Romius, for once again fortune hath smiled on us dothsayist the gods."

"Then we shalt be greatful, and hopeful!"

Romius, and Julias fought valiently, back to back. Likened to true brothers they art. Their skillful swings complimented eachother. The Sumerians moved up to the city of Elam. They worked their way though the streets, destroying all in their wake, And eventually reached the palace where king Erushibi did preside,. There was little resistance witch was taken care of by Romius, and Julias. When Romius did approach , Erushibi did pull out his dagger and placed it to his chest

"I'd rather die by mine own hands then be taken by thee brutes! Curse the gods!"

These were the king's final words before Plunging his dagger into his own heart. Several other soldiers arrived at the scene, and they did cheer. All the soldiers but Romius, and Julias ran out the palace yelling VICTORY!

"A fine victory Romius, well deserved."

"Yay one that we both shalt live to tell the tale of."


I must depart back to Sumer though my friend, I must spread the good news to my fare maiden, and would rather not await mine father's punishment, for he will be red upon my return."

"Haha that you shall my friend may we see eachother another day then."

Romius, and Julias did say there goodbyes, and Romius did leave the palace. He was on foot, till a greatful soldier offered him his steed, Romius could not have refused, for he was going mad. He wanted nothing more then to ease his maiden's worries, and lift her burdens, that he was sure were quite heavy now. He road quickly, the will to see his love pushing him further, faster. Till he arrived at his loves dwelling only to find nothing. He dismounted the trusty steed and did inspect the area

"Helena! Where art thou?"



Romius ran as if to save his own life, to the source of the call for help He went around the house and saw two elamites over his love. They turned and he charged them quickly disposing of them both in a single strike. He ran, then and fell to his knees looking down at Helena, and held her hand tightly

"NAY! My fare Helena what hast I done, I did not protect thee when thee needed me. The dagger is stuck in you. The wound is much to deep, and thou shalt surely die..."

"Whoa Romius thou hast not seen me the last time, for we shall not fade, not sickness, nor death, shall separate us. Whoa Romius, tis thee I love, Romius I love thee."

"Save thy words mine love, for thou have few left to spare, but simply listen. Helena I do love thee, I love thee more than every brother, or son might I have, more than all of Sumer I do love thee."

"Whoa Romius I know tis be true.I... Iii..."

'Helena? Helena! HELENA!'

Streams of tears flowed down Romius' face. He refused to let go of Helena's hand even as it grew cold, And his love for her was so strong, that it did keep death at bay for quite some time. Then something strange happened, something that never did happen again in all of our history. Death is a bad sportsman, and throws a fit when things dust not go as planned. The sky grew dark, and rain did fall, then death did come in his rope, with his great scythe, And romius did gaze at this sight, but he did not let go,and he held on tight.

'Who art thou to bear such a strange sickle, and ware such a rope? Be thee death come to take away my love? If thou be so, ye would do yeself mercy to turn back now. I shalt not be moved form this very spot, unless my love were to raise up with me.'

Death did walk forward slowly, closer he came, close to striking distance, because he had long arms, and long legs, not to mention a very long scythe with no good intention.

'Hath I not made myself clear? Let me rephrase, Not lightning nor storm, Not heaven nor hell shall move me from this very spot. I fear the not death, for I have stared thee in the eyes through my lifetime ye simply must kill me to get to her.'

With a swift movement of his arm death swept up Romius by his neck, severing his connection to Helena. Just then Helena awoke from her near eternal sleep, and she did reach for Romius' leg, slowly, but determined. Romius was nearing his last breath when Helena did grab his leg, And in a burst of flame Death's rope was burnt. Twas burnt all off, and the demon's true form was revealed. Death did drop Romius, and a scream in a twisted tongue was let out by the demon.

"Dust thou know whyist thou can't end me? I will tell thee. Mine love for Helena burns brighter than a thousend suns, Tis more volumous then a thousend oceans, and tis higher than the greatest peak. As is hers for I."

"Tis be so Romius! Our love tis powerful enough to disgrace death as it tries to take me from the, and thee from me, for we may live on as a god! Not you, nor I, for we are powerless alone, but together we may make the greatest being! Death I nor he is afraid, and we shalt defeat thee now!"

Romius, and Helena did embrace, and there was the most brillient light in all the land, and instead of two there was but one. One being that could be likened to a star on earth. Death did kneel to the greater being, and the being did speak in a split, not just one.

"Save thy bows, and thine kneels, for they cannot persaude me thou must be destroyed."


The being, or Romius , and Helena did Open it's eyes that did also glow, before striking like lightning, shot straight through Death. In a even more brillient light then even before, seen by all the earth. death was obliterated in its wake. Nothing left but scattered ashes remain. Romius and Helena did travel to where they be now, for they are the north star, not he nor she but they, for they are one. The north star is there love witch dust not die. They live forever there love tis always stable tis why the star doth not move.

Sadly death was easily replaced. Romius, and Helena do watch from the same spot every night to watch over their people make sure death doesn't take more than tis fair game, for they are our protectors, for they still reign. So ends the story of how the north star came to be. Maybe every star has its story, that we'll just have to wait and see, but the brightest star by far shall always be north.

Romius' Star

Helena oh helena I must confess my love for thee For thou hast ignited mine heart to burn brighter than any star, I must express my love for she For thou be more fare than all the maidens in all the lands both near and far

Helena oh Helena If death shall come to take thee by the hand, Then I must intervine to take my likely last stand If thou were to fall, and die I would wake thee to show ye that death is but a lie

Helena oh Helena Together we are a power, for we are stronger than any other. all who opposed shall tremble and cower, for together we make up a heavenly mother.

Heavenly mother- heavenly body example; star, planet, galaxy

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