revenge from the victim

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Elix has been bitten far to many times for her liking. Her vampire boyfriend left her in the fear of hurting her but in Elixs book he was just leaving her for some other vamp so the answer to her seems clear show him what he missed out on.

Submitted: January 09, 2012

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Submitted: January 09, 2012



Elix stared at the thirteen year old boy chained to the folding chair in the garage of the abandoned house. 

" so all i have to do is drink it and then kill myself?" She asked tentavely.

" Yes we have been over this once you have my blood in your system you kill yourself and then you will change." He answered with a exasperated sigh.

" still i don't get why we are chaining you up..."  she leaned over and grabbed a small pocket knife and kneeled in front of his upturned, chained down wrist.

" just in case my instincs take over and i hurt you, our instinct is to not turn others." He closed his eyes against the plain as made a horizontal slice of red across his pale skin." Drink as much as you can handle then get out of here to somewhere with no sun I'll find u after you Awaken. 

The blood coursed through my vein and ran down my neck and chest as i gulped it down. His blood didn't taste like i thought it would it tasted, well like nothing, just a warm goupy liquid rolling down my throat but the second my brain realized it was blood, some one elses i began to gag. Stumbling i ran through the gaping hole that used to be the door to the old houses kitchen i stumbled up the rickty stairs and at the second floor landing i threw all my weight into the rotting posts on the balcony and fell to my death. A bloody post portruded from my temple when the boy found my, he dragged me outside to a a small wooden box, smooshing me into it braking both my leg bones with his bare hands so that the would bend the right way. covering the box with a plank of splintery wood he tossed my "coffin" into a shallow hole. He quickly covered me with a pile of waiting dirt and then simply wiped his hands on his pants and walked away. His blemish free wrist swinging gleefully at his side.

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