Double the Fun

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A brothers pain of losing his parents only results to his complex of masturbating to his step sister having sex.

Submitted: March 20, 2009

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Submitted: March 20, 2009



Double the fun

Kate laid flat on the mat that was below her. Breathing evenly she stretched her body into a straddle spit. She held that position for a while when two sexy twin blond hair and blue eyes approached her. She looked up from her position and stared at their handsome face, and there wonderful toned body. Her eyes roamed their faces, to their chest and then came upon their erection, their cocks thick and wanting with need.
They both licked their lips and looked directly at her ass, spread and open for the taking. She licked her lips also and knew what they must be thinking and it turned her on, probably just a little too much. Wetness pooled between her folds, urging her to move under the mat under her.
They both pulled her from the mat and unto her feet where she was sandwich between them. Hands roamed everywhere, to her breast, to squeeze and grope then down to her ass and in between her thighs. The one in front, which tormented her breast, kissed her. Then her head was turned to kiss the one behind as well.

Pulling off their pants she noticed they did almost everything together. Both cocks sprang at her and her hand covered them and started to stroke. Groans and moans where exchanged when they couldn’t take it anymore. They both lifted her and positioned each of themselves at one of her entry.
The one in front trusted into her wet pussy, dragging a powerful scream from her mouth. He was all the way to the hilt pounding inside her making her scream even more. His movements then slowed and he nodded to his brother.
She felt the one behind her starting to ease his way into her back door, she relaxed a little and she was finding her self being stretched in places she never thought possible. Sharp little hissing sound came from her mouth when the one in front parted her folds and started to move.

Little moans escaped her when they started to move simultaneously, then the pressure got more intense and sharper as they picked up the pace and slam into her. Jagged screams tore through her being of being fucked at both ends. Every nerve was on fire of being stimulated and fucked this hard. There was nothing else she could do except hold on for the ride.
They came into her rougher and harder, fucking her until her walls tighten around them which tore a high pitched scream from her as she came, leaving her in tears. Still pounding into her they gave one last thrust and they were spent inside her warm walls.
Still between them, and her breathing returning slowly back to normal she imagine herself keeping these two and having double the fun.

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