Grim Beginnings

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

"I was the girl who only got attention when she was passed out in the back of the classroom."

Tessa Byrne had never been what most would consider a "normal girl". From a young age, she carried the weight of the world on her shoulders, possessing what she saw as a curse but the rest of her family called a gift. Her classmates viewed her as a quiet loner who often fainted in the middle of a lesson, sometimes with strange (what they believed to be self-inflicted) injuries, earning her the nickname "that fainting girl".

If Tessa was the quiet loner, then Fin Belmont, the charming rebel and son of the richest man in town, was her complete opposite. Knowing each other for years but never saying more than a dozen words between them, one night changes everything and soon, they are thrust into each other's worlds, both unfamiliar and daunting.

With lots of hesitation and snark, they work together to solve a mystery that begins to unravel secrets about their town and both of their pasts, learning that some secrets are better left buried.

Table of Contents

The Nightmare

“Dr. Baxter, I don’t think she’s breathing!” The twenty AP Biology students gathered in a circle, peering down at the uncons... Read Chapter

Party at the Falls

Over the following three days, my stomach was filled with relief and dread. I was relieved that I did not have another fainting incident ... Read Chapter

Accident or Murder?

“Tara, wake up.” “At least he’s getting closer. Maybe by graduation, he’ll get it right.” I watched Belmont smack m... Read Chapter

The Makeover

For the first time since the fourth grade, I found myself obsessed with a boy. Unlike that unfortunate period of time where every inch of... Read Chapter

Memorial at Belmont Manor

It was just my luck that half the jocks in the school, from the football players to even members of the swim team, decided to gather arou... Read Chapter

Beware the Roses

“Why is that thing in her arm?” A soft, continuous beeping rang in my ears. “It’s helping her while she’s asleep, scamp.... Read Chapter

Starrs and Daggers

Tick, tick, tick. Forty minutes had passed since Chief Parker dragged me into the police station though to the rest of the officers,... Read Chapter

Blast from the Past

“Oliver, take a deep breath. You’re going to make yourself faint.” After his conversation with Angela Starr at the café, Garr... Read Chapter

The Underworld

I think I had the ghost version of a heart attack so I’m going to lie down. Tell me what happens when you get back from the trial. ... Read Chapter

The Trial

“Grand Master Cullen, you’re here…in this—building,” said Garren, his voice several octaves higher. “Of course you’re here.... Read Chapter


Tessa struggled to climb up the ladder, her feet barely able to reach the next rung. It was made all the more difficult by the rain pound... Read Chapter

A Night to Remember

“Wow, you really went all out.” Will gazed down at the assortment of chips and candies sprawled  across the bed. “How did you ... Read Chapter

Through His Eyes

The bright light faded, revealing a lavish office, its white decor reflecting the council’s obsession with innocence and purity. Unsure... Read Chapter