Life Underwater

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Life Underwater

Submitted: February 06, 2014

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Submitted: February 06, 2014



Life Underwater


The soft brown sand

 was playing with my feet

My day at the beach

 was the best ever retreat


All of a sudden

 something came closer and closer

It was red in color

 as big as a bulldozer


As it moved

 I saw its claws

It was a crab

 snipping away at straws


I moved away

 so it won’t snap my knee

Then jumped up

 and dove into the sea!


What a sight

 under the sea

Floating everywhere

 were dancing coral reefs


I slowly went down

 to explore underwater

I saw a porcupine fish

playing with an otter


Then came dancing sea horse

 wearing a yellow suit

Playing with jellyfish

 which looked so cute


Out of the corner of my eye

 I saw a big gray shark

With sharp white teeth

 and across it’s fin, a mark


It came close to me

 and started bossing around

I was scared all over

 and frozen spellbound


I jumped up

 dripping with sweat

For sure I was safe

 under my cozy blanket!


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