The Feeling Of Loneliness

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I wrote this poem while I was home alone. It's not my best work but I did try hard to write it. This feeling may differ from people to people. This is how I feel. Hope you like it! :)

P.S. Yes, it was snowing while I wrote this.

Submitted: February 03, 2011

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Submitted: February 03, 2011



The heart feels plenty.

As snow falls gently on the floor.

Crystal white flakes drifting in the wind.

And as the flakes land,

It begins to increase in size.

Taking more space,

Covering the ground,

Just as your feelings spread throught you and those you love.

But there comes a time when the snow turns brown,

Slowly turning black.

Just as those feelings weaken,

And the loneliness begis to spread,

It may cover you completely.

And that loneliness that remains,

Yet you try to complain,

Try not make people worry,

By putting up a fake smile.

But as you keep these feelings hidden,

The loneliness spreads farther.

And when?

When will that person come?

That one person that will stay by your side.

And comfort you.

That person that you can tell anything and everything to.

When will they come and remove that loneliness that you feel?

And make you laugh, feel happy, and just be there for you.

When that day comes, when you meet that person,

Everything will change.

You feel that even though they aren't right next to you,

They are still there for you.

This feeling could be happiness, joy, or even love.

But this feeling will never be hate.

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