Missing: Harumi...(katelyn8000's contest!)

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Harumi is a type of girl who will be their for her friends...no matter what. She can kick butt anytime if she feel like it. One night,she was trying to help a friend, but something happened...Is she dead? Or is she just captured?

Submitted: October 19, 2011

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Submitted: October 19, 2011



“We have to get there in time! Come on stupid feet! Hurry up Lisana!”

I was running at night through the empty street of the neighborhood…

Okay, so you might be wondering why I am running, screaming, and yelling at this girl called Lisana. Well… it’s a long story. Actually, it’s not. It’s very simple. I’m trying to get to the train station. Why? Cause, this dude is leaving and I need to get him back. No. he’s not my boyfriend. I don’t even know him. He’s Lisana’s “Soul mate”; well that’s what she calls him. Anyway, he is leaving to New York, which means Lisana will be heartbroken and never see him again. So, now I’m running as fast as I can. That’s how good of a friend I am.

“That boy better not even think of leaving! I will seriously stick my foot up his butt!” I screamed, panting.

“Harumi! I can’t! Were not going to make it…” Lisana said.

I stop. Is she seriously giving up now?! I’m going to knock some sense into this girl! I turn to her.

“What are you talking about? Don’t you love him!?”

She stared at me. I glared.

“I-I do!”

“Why you stuttering!?”

Then tears started rolling down her cheek. I know she doesn’t want to lose him. I turn away.

“Don’t give up. ‘Kay? You just have to trust me. We will make it!” I said. I had my hands to my side while clutching onto my uniform.


“Don’t you dare give up yet!” I scolded. “You were always pushing me to go on. Therefore, now it’s my turn. Just please, please don’t say we can’t…”

“Were wasting time here! Harumi hurry up!” she said running past me. I saw a small smile on her face.

“All right! No more stops!”

We dash to the train station.


I was out of breath when we got there. Lisana was already knocked out on the bench. Poor girl. I stood up from the bench and looked around for Edwin, Lisana’s boyfriend. Thankfully, we are ten minutes early before the train leaves. It wasn’t very crowded too.

“This should be easy.”  I said, grinning.

I started searching everywhere. All the trains, bathrooms, small restaurants, but I couldn’t find him. I walked up to a random tall man in a suit.

“Hey you.” I said to him.

“Huh?” he looked to the right then left, forgetting to look down.
“Down here, giant.”

“Oh! Hello little girl.” he said with a smile.

“Who are you calling little girl? Have you measured yourself yet? Humph.” I rolled my eyes. “Anyway, have you seen a teen boy, with short black hair, green eyes, tan skin, and about my height but three inches taller? I figured since your tall you might have seen him.”

“What grumpy attitude you have and yes, I saw him.”

“Great! Where did you see him go?”

“Why should I tell you?”

“Listen giraffe, I don’t play games, got that? Now be a gentleman and tell me where the hell he is.” I said, giving him a deadly glare.

“Sure…right after I fuck your mother. Ha-ha. Now, go away kid your annoying me.”

That’s it! He’s dead! I grabbed his tie and pulled him down. Then I punched him on the face, making him fall on the floor. I jumped on him and put his tie around his neck, and then I pulled it, chocking him.

“What did you say about my mother?! Huh?! Messed up pervert! I’ll beat the crap out of you!”

“You’re a psycho! Get off me!”

“Hehehe. You want me to get of you? Okay.” I grabbed his tie again and pulled him over to the women’s bathroom. I ignored the women screaming and pulled him over to one of the toilets. I pulled his head over the toilet then I drop him. I quickly step back as a splash of toilet water washed over his head. I grin in victory and walk out the bathroom. That should show him not to mess with me. I stopped when I saw all the people staring.

“Uh…” I laughed nervously then ran away. ‘Shoot, he knew where Edwin was’ I realized. Ugh.

 I was so frustrated I started marching back to Lisana’s location. When I looked over to the bench…she wasn’t there! Instead, I found a note, with my name.

Dear Harumi,

I found Edwin! Sorry I left, but I couldn’t wait to talk things over with him. I hope you didn’t go overboard searching for him. Thanks a lot! I owe you one.


I put the note in my shirt pocket and let out a sigh. At least she’s okay. Then it hit me.

“She left me alone?! What kind of friend leaves their friend alone in the night!?” The whole train station went silent. I quickly took out my phone.

 “Sorry. Hahaha. My friend is telling me about this new… umm anime! Yeah…I’ll call you later mom- I mean Lisana… Oh whatever!” I leave running away from the embarrassment.


“Could this night get any worse?” I mumbled to myself. I stopped staring at the ground and raised my head. It’s so calm at night. Not very busy like the day.

“Wahh! Would you stop snoring you bastard! I’m trying to get some sleep!” I heard a woman yell from her house as I pass it.

“Mother! It’s not my fault!” a man, who appears to be the son, yelled back.

“You’re a thirty-two year old adult! Why are you sleeping in my room!? Go to yours!”

“Mom! I’m scared of the shadows!”

“It’s a tree!! How many times am I going to repeat myself?! Go!”



I laughed but then covered my mouth. I don’t want them to think I’m being rude or eavesdropping. I quicken my pace. It’s really late. I should hurry before my mom worries. I took a deep breath and started running.

“Hey you!” I heard behind me. I slowed to a stop and turned towards the voice. I saw a group of men. Four men, I counted. I know I’m in trouble…

“Your going to pay for messing with our boss!” one of the men said. ‘Boss?’ I thought. That tall man? Ugh! I have to run away. I’m not strong enough to beat up a group. I quickly turned around, but bumped into something. I looked up and found another man. He smiled. Then I realized he had a bat in his hand and he was about to knock me out with it. Crap! I tried to run to the right but I was too late. It hit me.


Morning news:

Apparently, a girl named Harumi Skye has disappeared about six days ago. If anyone has seen this teenager please call the number on the screen. There is a reward as well. $100,000.

Magazine Article:

Girl has been found? Not!

Harumi Skye has been missing for a month now. Some desperate woman was going to give her own daughter, which looks similar to Harumi, to the parents of Harumi Skye. They recognized it wasn’t her and called the cops on the woman.



Mother of Harumi Skye, a girl who has been missing for a year, couldn’t handle daughter’s disappearance and almost committed suicide. Thankfully, her husband has stopped her just in time.

T.V. News:

The search for Harumi Skye is over. No one was able to find her. Police think she is dead. Though, Harumi’s parents refuse to stop looking, even if she is dead. Harumi has disappeared three years ago…


To Be Continued…

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