Unrestricted Unrest

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When the end is nigh, you need all the friends you can get; you need a friendly shoulder to cry on, you need a familiar face to console you. So when the world comes crashing down, just remember you're never alone; there'll always be someone there at the end.

Submitted: August 15, 2012

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Submitted: August 15, 2012




Unresticted Unrest

I know it’s hard at the moment,
But we’ll get through somehow.
All these problems were dormant
But I know how to fix them now.

You have to lift your chin high
Because tomorrow they’ll be free
Flying high with the birds in the sky
Being whoever they wanted to be.

In a life with no more pills or machines
To keep them in their cloudy world of pain.
It starts at a young age with vaccines;
A happy life washed down the drain.

When they fall asleep, they always dream;
Of a time when they’ll see you again.
Time moves slowly, or so it will seem
But soon you’ll be reunited again.

Unspoken words left on your bottom lip,
Quivering and shaking, trying to escape.
Only now does your heart begin to skip,
As your world is blown out of shape.

Why suppress your tears of rage?
Let them know that you aren’t afraid.
Feelings are so lonely on a blank page;
So many thoughts left underplayed.

Yelling for them to come back,
Yelling for them to make it through,
To get their health back on track,
With no more pain and return to you.

If we stand together,
I’ll be there ‘til the end
Forever and ever
I have your back, my friend.

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