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This is a true story. AWTOK is REAL and everything that I say in this is all REAL. Do not read if you get scared easily, get freaked out a lot, or at night. Also, if your reading this and your not very old, you should have a parent with you.
An lastly, do NOT do what I did. I have a good reason for why I'm doing this. But I don't want any of you to panic or get yourself in a horrible mess. Thank you. You have been warned.

Submitted: August 27, 2012

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Submitted: August 27, 2012



My name is SkyBird Winged and I will be informing you about a horrible group by the name AWTOK. I will be tell you about who they are and what they do.

AWTOK is a group of people who do under cover work, and not the good kind. They have been going after people who are different, and still are today. They have been going after witches, vampires, werewolves, nekos, therians, wizards, mermaids, demons, fairies, telekinetics, psychics, angels, and avains.

When AWTOK get's their hands on someone who's different they'll run painful tests on them. An once their done with them, they'll kill the person! There's actually signs you can watch out for to tell if their going after you.

  1. They'll call your cell phone or home phone repeatively. You will be able to tell it's them if you pick up the phone and no one answers or talks.
  2. There will be at least one white van parked where ever you go. You also might see people wearing suits too.
  3. There will always be a person in a suit in the same area as you. If the person follows you from a distance and continues to do so for a while, then it's them!

Those are the main signs you should watch out for if your different (As in your a vampire, avian, werewolf, ect.)

An if your thinking, "Well vampires, werewolves, and demons are evil and bad beings." I've got news for you. YOUR WRONG!

I'm actually friend's withfour vampires, three werewolves, and two demons. They have NEVER EVER hurt a human before. You may think that vampires sneak into random peoples homes to bite them to get blood, but that's all wrong! They don't do that at all! Because there's actually many people who let vampires drink from them. An werewolves and demons would never hurt a human either! If you know someone who has been hurt by a werewolf, vampire, or demon it's not their fault! It's actually AWTOK's fault because they have all of us hiding in fear. We're only using self defence because we're afraid.

So do you think it's fair that AWTOK is KILLING innocent people who've done nothing wrong to deserve what AWTOK is doing to them? If you do care, thank you and bless your soul for your wonderful heart. If you don't, imagine that your different (also known as a non-human) and had to leave your home and love ones to protect them. Now your being chased by AWTOK, and have no one to go to. How would you feel? Wouldn't you want someone to care about you?!

I'm an avian and I also can control people with my mind, heal people, and can blood bend. My sister as well is an avian and can see the futre, is telekinetic, can hack things easily, and can control electrical items. So trust me, I know how it feels to be afraid for my life and my family's lives.

I'm now going to show you what other people have gone through and said about AWTOK. It's all through their words so once I finish I'll also put the webiste down from where it came from.


Okay so the supernaturals in my class are James (werewolf) Eva (Shapeshifter) , and there is a girl called Amy who is a human but she is like our helper?? If that makes sense...Anyway today in class we had this old creepy looking man come in. He gave Amy this freakish looking smile and I saw and then he started writing on this peice of paper...Anyway there was these 3 guys in my class who wanted to go to get a drink so they were about to leave and he told James to stop and sit down...Why James?? So then me and Eva wanted to leave the classroom because we were getting so creeped out and after what he did with James I told my friend to use compulsion (she is a creature who posseses that power) She said okay and we went up, he was avoiding her eyes...he wasnt avoiding the other students but hers he did. So then I tried convincing him the old fashioned way and well in the end we convinced him to let us go...At the library me and her were talking about him being an awtok we quickly copied and pasted some random essay from a random website and went back to class and I told her that I was curiouse to see what he was we went up to the dest and handed him the essay to correct. While he was corecting I read what his writing was, it said "For the past 3 centuries, we have worked hard to keep humanity free from evil. I will continue to wipeout supernaturals all across the world" He noticed me reading and quickly covered it with my friends essay...When he finished I told my friend what it said and then when the bell rang her and I bolted out the class...Latley they have been coming closer and closer into our lives and its only a matter of time b4 they make a move...They have kidnapped one of my bestfriends Rhys and brainwashed him or something...he is acting aggressive towards us and also a girl called Sirena from my class (also a friend) they did the same thing to


Creepy and scary, right? Well imagine if that happened to you?!

This one is the MOST worest one for me. That's only because Connor and Hexy are my sister Hero and my friends.



I have got a message that has me so afraid but its not going to stop me. Not much to say here but its news that I feel that is needed to be here.


We most likely are going to lose Connor tonight. He has been to hell and back. His sister is now alone because of AWTOK and will lose her big brother. Its a sad thing. This is why we must have a war. To show that we wont stand for this to happen anymore and that we have freedom!!!


We still have Connor with us which is awesomely awesome


Connor sent this. Its a letter from the stupid ass AWTOK

Connor! I want to talk to you! Look, take down the website, tell Hexxy to shut it down. We know where each person signed up lives, and stop motivating them to be like you, you winged freak! You are a disgrace and every non-human b-—-d, (swear word :P) on this planet. What have you got to lose? Your Mom? Too late for that! We were close to killing your Dad, and now you still are a stubborn a-! We will get to you, if it’s the last thing we do! You can’t stop us! I suggest turning yourself in! It’s better than losing your family! Your sister is next. We will get to all of your friends one by one! No wonder everyone is gone, because you are a stubborn a-! We have a list! Remember the list?! The list you didn’t believe in, over and over! We won! We fooled you dumb a-es to fall into our trap! You lost! Get over it! Oh, and tell Hex she is close on the “list”.

Horrible, right? I know it made Hero, all our friends, and I panic. Anyway, here's the website that that's from:

Here's a message my great friend Ray got from AWTOK

Hello. It’s us! From AWTOK industries! Look, I know you like your, how do I say it, friend? Anyway, the point is, if you don’t hurry, your friend will die in 24 hours. Time is moving! Goodbye!

I got that 2 hours ago now.

I can't believe they had the nerves to go and send my friend a message! >:(

That's all I can show you. Because I don't want to share any information that is only for members, like my sister and myself.

I hope you can now finally see what we're going through. An also, why you don't see anyone with wings, tails, ears, and ect in your everyday life is because AWTOK!

An if your reading this AWTOK, STOP ATTACKING MY FRIENDS/FAMILY! If you want to go after a non-human come after me. But I'm not gonna let you kill, kidnap, or hurt the people I love and care about! So if you want to go after someone else first, your going to have to think again! Cause your gonna have to go through me FIRST! An if you want to send me your little message, go right ahead! I have an account on 43Things grow wings, so I dare you to do it from there! My user name is SkyBird_W. An you wanna know why I don't care? Cause I'm done with you all! I'm ready to fight for MY FREEDOM!!!

© Copyright 2018 SkyBird. All rights reserved.

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