My Bully Story

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This is a true story of what I've gone through and still going through. I changed the names of the students, because it would be wrong for me to give away their true identity online. I hope you enjoy my short story, but also get a lesson out of it as well.

Submitted: May 05, 2012

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Submitted: May 05, 2012



Everday, every night I felt like crying my heart out. It was a 4 years ago when it started. The first time it happened was when everyone in my grade was coming back from a field trip. I was talking to a friend of mine who was sitting in the seat across from me. My friend was sitting with one of the popular girl's, who was her friend as well. After a moment of talking with her, the popular girl started saying that my friend, Charlie wasn't my friend. I asked why, and the popular girl said that it was because Charlie was her friend first! I tried to get around her words, but she kept snapping at me. So I finally said that Charlie wasn't my friend. The popular girl laughed and told her other friends about it. Then they all were laughing and pointing at me. My sister tried to stop them, but their was only one of her and a bunch of them. I was in 4th grade when that happened, today I'm in 8th grade. When I got home from school that night, I didn't tell my family. All I did was cry myself to sleep.

Ever since that first time, I've endured it almost everyday. At one point I told my art teacher about what was going on, but she told me to just ignore it and that things would get better if I did that. I tried what she told me to, but things never got better at all!

The bullying was the same until 7th grade. That's when it got even more worse. I was in band class with my sister. A student named Cody was hiding behind a few chairs on our band teacher. My sister told the band teacher where Cody was when he asked. Everyone got mad at her and started saying mean things about her. I became so mad that I sent some students an email asking if they would say sorry about what they did. I got an email back from the students after a while of waiting. They all said no and that she's acting way too sensitive about it all, I replied to their emails explaining why she's sensitive. Once I did that, I kept getting about 5 emails a day. The emails weren't nice at all. The students would say horrible things to me and even started telling the whole school about it! Rumors were being spread about me and my sister started crying more. I knew that I had to do something about it, so I took screenshots of all the emails and gave them to a teacher. The teacher said that they'd do something about it, but they never did. I even decided to tell a friend of mine by the name of Josie about it all. She turned around and told the popular students. Then they all were talking about me in the middle of our english class! That night I told my parents, but they couldn't do anything about it.

When I finally got into 8th grade, I thought everything would be okay. I didn't want to be bullied anymore. But I was wrong. Field hockey started up and most of the popular girls were doing it. My sister and I also were doing field hockey as well. At first everything was okay, that is before we had our third game. I was playing defense and my sister was offense. Our team was loosing and the popular girls blamed the loss on me! My sister and I told our grandmother about it and she told our coach. The coach talked to the team about bullying and it still went on. At our next game, they blamed my sister and I for our team's loss. My sister and I went to our family, who was sitting and watching the game. My sister was crying and I held my tears back, being strong. Our grandmother yet again told our coach about it. After that, my sister and I started to not go to as many practices and games.

But it doesn't end there, no, not even close. When field hockey season ended The some of the popular girls, Amy and Kendra told the principle that my sister and I were the one's bullying them! The principle took my sister and I out of our class just to talk to us about it. We explained everything we've been going through to him. He said he would do something about it and dismissed us to our class. But I didn't go back to class, instead I went into the girl's bathroom and cried. I stayed their and cried for two whole class periods!

The days continued on after that, with bullying, pointing, glares, rumors, and sneers. I tried my hardest to move on, but at some points it felt as if I couldn't move on. One day it got so horrible that one of the popular students put a banana in my locker! Everyone who was their started laughing and pointing at me. I felt terrible and hurried to my next class.

But even then, that wasn't the worst day. The worst day was when the principle tried to get the popular students, my sister and I all to talk. Talking won't help! My sister was crying and left the principle's office and I left as well. Once the popular students got back they whispered and pointed at me. I even heard them making fun of my sister! I tried to ignore them, but I could feel a tear stream down my face. Luckily the bell rung and we all had to go to lunch. But while I was leaving, I saw one of the popular students unplug my laptop from it's charger. I sighed and plugged it back in once they left. I told my homeroom teacher about it and she talked to the student about it. When my teacher make back, she explained that it was a whole mistake. That's when I broke. I started to cry and explain what I was going through. My teacher tried to calm me, but nothing would help at that point. She finally made the student say sorry to me. When the student said sorry they glared at me and went to their friends. I tried to hold in the rest of my tears, but everyone saw me cry earlier. It wasn't like anything was going to change. That day, I told my grandmother and one of my friend's mom even told my family about it. My mom even went to the principle complaining about it all, but was kicked out.

I had no one to stand up for me. Even today I still go through bullying by the same people. Suicide has always been in the back of my mind. An you know what? Dying right doesn't seem that bad. But I'm holding strong for my sister.

My message to you all is to stop bullying. Stand up for others, because you don't know how much it might mean to that person in the end. You could save a life just by doing that.

Let's stop cyber bullying and bullying...


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