Forest Play

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this is a rough screenplay for a film i intend on making this summer.

Submitted: February 19, 2009

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Submitted: February 19, 2009



Forest Play Screenplay

By: Sheldon Hoffman


Characters: Thompson

Adam Fair

The killer



First Scene (Walking into a forest in late autumn)

 Thompson and Adam are walking through the forest for about five minutes few words exchanged. Before scene change very quick glimpse of The Killer.


Second Scene (Stopped Walking eat lunch sat down)

Discussing resent unsolved killing (planned out script)

In last shot as T and A get up to leave camera rotates to far behind them to the killer who is now obviously aggressively stalking them.


Third scene (abandoned Structure in forest or Field)

Henry sitting whittling piece of wood old radio playing music. T and A exchange a few words and discover Henry to be unsettling.


Fourth Scene ( The night is starting to descend upon the forest)

Thompson tells Adam he may have heard a rustling in the trees and he thought he saw someone.  Both are slightly more worried. In the distance a howl of agony.  Thompson and Adam decide to end their hike and start back home.  Jogging almost running through the forest scene begins to fad last glimpse of killer hiding in the bushes.


Fifth Scene (return to abandoned Building)

Adam tells Henry he believes there is some chasing them. Henry laughs and continues sitting. Adam and Thompson decide to leave him.  But soon discover they are lost and decide to return and ask Henry for Help despite Adams wishes to continue walking. On return the find Henry’s body slaughtered lying face down on the ground. (this next  part may be altered.)Incredibly frightened and worried the two make a rash decision to stick out the night at the building. If worst came to worst they’d defend their self. the last shot of scene we see the killer close by once again.



Sixth Scene (morning and the end)

Both Adam and Thompson wake obviously still alive but a little surprised. They talk about the night before and the ghastly task of informing the police about the dead Henry.  As they get up Adam stops staring at a wall(tree) out of camera view. Thompson follows his gaze and his jaw drops there is Henry lying in a clump on the ground covered in blood on the wall (tree) smiley face smeared in blood. Next to the face stands the killer quiet still. Adam and Thompson try to get up but stumble. Then Thompson begins to plead. The killer raises is finger to motion silence. And slowly walks toward the two the camera begins to zoom out to the forest and the surrounding landscape in the distance you hear a scream then silence except for the forest.

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