Sighing in the Roses

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I kinda wish this was easier.

Submitted: March 08, 2009

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Submitted: March 08, 2009



I walked through the forest


I felt the shot moments before i heard it.

I awoke in a haze,


I looked up and saw your eyes gazing into mine.

I closed my eyes and slept.

I awoke again,

Was it a dream?


I tried to stand up

I noticed the bandages

moments before i crumpled to the ground.


The pain moved through out my whole body.

I wondered why?


I wondered why my heart was the only thing not in pain.

I looked around and saw you sitting there.

Not quiet smiling.


You held my head and told me your story.

I told you mine.

I watched you cry.

I held mine back.


Over the soft red petals i saw the faint out line of a man.

He approached and you lowered my head back to the ground.


Your voice changed and you ran to meet him,

I watched as you slowly planted a kiss on his cracked lips.

I noticed the rifle hanging from back.

I said nothing.


I made my way home and only thought of your smile.

After awhile i returned to the roses.

 I sat beneath the moon and sighed.


As I began to stand

I saw you.


You ran to me and we embraced,

I listened once again.

A different man came to that hill,

You ran to him like the other.


I returned home,

This time i didn't hold back the tears.

I wanted to do more than sigh in the roses.

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