The Silver Key

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A chose of doors

Walking along a path of thorns I came across a silver key. This silver key brought many a thoughts to my mind. How had it come to be here in the middle of this path cursed by thorns? With every passing thought I felt a shadow slowly growing upon my back. In an instant after the thought had first crossed my mind I turned. But, not a creature was insight. With that magnificent key of shining silver I continued my march through the darkening path. As I continued the path was slowly turning to the shade of night. And those thorns oh those thorns that pierced flesh and cut old wounds anew.  In the ever growing darkness I looked upon a silver door. This must be the owner of my magnificent key thought I. Alas, a problem I had come upon the door that I had at first glance thought to be alone had a brother made of wood. Which door should I chose thought I? Silver the safest chose or wood the unknown? As drew closer I felt the same shadow as before this time on turning I was met with shadow the forest I had once tread through was now gone. I was floating in an oblivion forced upon a chose. I walked towards the doors in hope of an answer presenting its self upon me. None came forward. I may of stood there for an eternity had I not thought of my sweet Marie. So through the wood I stepped not knowing not expecting only hoping that I may gaze upon my sweet Marie one last time. I have not gazed upon her sweet face for many a year I am now forced to walk through the fields slowly reaping as I had been reaped. If you walk through a path of thorns beware the deceiving door.


Goodbye forever my sweet Marie!

Submitted: May 02, 2007

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