Wally and the evil creature.

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With his town in trouble Wally decides to take action.

Submitted: January 04, 2007

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Submitted: January 04, 2007



There was a boy named Wally. Every day he would push a trolley through the town square. He led a happy life until one day a terrible monster came to town and nobody came outside. So he had no customer's to buy his shovels and forks. He was beginning to go broke. So one day when he was at his wits end he decided to go and find the creature and kill it. He began by asking the local grocer what it looked like the man said in a trembling voice ,"She be as tall as a mountain' as strong as thirty ox, and has 84 tentacles maybe 85."

"Thank You." he replied in confusion.

So he hid in a cardboard box over night in hopes of seeing the monster in sight. But, Alas he fell asleep and was a woken by the scream of a young women. He got up and ran to her need but she was already dead the skin sucked off her bones. He was then and there extremly scaried ?for his life. Thats when he noticed a lonely kitten sitting on the street corner. He went to pick it up and was in the middle of saying "you better go home there is a creature on the loose."

When all of the sudden it turned into a horrible creature as tall as a mountain, as strong as thirty ox and had 84 tentacles maybe 85. Then with in a second it gobbled him up.

The moral of this story stay away from skin sucking cats.

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