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Submitted: March 31, 2016

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Submitted: March 31, 2016




Three sister, two innocent, one guilty…

The day was Friday 6th October, The eldest child Isabel sat beside her mother's open casket. Heartbroken and traumatized she knew she had to stay strong for her two little sister. The children never knew their father and couldn't rely on their mother. Isabel was not the most reliable or trustworthy person but she knew she had to change and become better than her mother. The middle child, Mary, was very intelligent and inspiring. Mary was the one who found her mother, in the bath, even though Mary was 11 she knew straight away her mother was dead. The youngest child Lilly was mindless and confused, at the age 7 a child shouldn't have to go through without a mother. Isabel worried about how they would cope without her mom's house , she thought she might be able to get some support from friends and family and earn money to move away from  the torturing memory of their mother, haunting the house. Their mother was a druggy and an alcoholic who was abusive toward the children. She was known for being  promiscuous. The last words she said to Isabel was that she was going to haunt her and make her life a misery.

Isabel wasn’t much of the inspiration as she was much like her mother, she slept around a lot and was always out at parties getting drunk. She believed in ghosts and paranormal things. The last thing her mother said to her made her realise she needed to get rid of anything that her mother could attach to. That's why she needed to move away. She asked Mary and Lilly only one thing “Leave all of mummys stuff where it is, don’t take anything with you.”

After raising enough money, Isabel, Mary and little Lilly moved away to a cottage in wooded area, it was peaceful and exciting. The garden they had was covered in beautiful daffodils. Mary and Lilly ran around giggling, Isabel was hoping they stayed like that and not get upset about their mother's recent departure. Isabel shouts to Mary and Lilly “i'm going to make some tea, it's been a long day” the children carry on playing. 10 minutes later the children, Mary and Lilly, run inside carrying a handful of daffodils. Isabel takes an old vars and fills it with water then places the daffodils into the vars. Everything was perfect, nothing could go wrong… or could it??


The tunnel

One morning Lilly and Mary wanted to go on an adventure, they begged their big sister Isabel to take them. Isabel was delighted to take them on a walk, she thought they might run into some people that she can make friends with. The three sisters set off, they followed a path into the woods. Mary and Lilly ran off in front playing around whilst Isabel was on the phone to her friends from where she used to live, she missed them but knew it was for the best that they moved away. Mary shout to Isabel telling her to look at what her and Mary had found. Isabel rush toward Mary and Lilly to find a old train rail in the middle of nowhere. Lilly and Mary was desperate and determined to find out where it lead too. Isabel had a bad feeling so tried to convince her two younger sisters to go back home as it was getting dark. The sister ran away from Isabel making her chase after them. Isabel felt scared and worried something bad was going to happen but she didn't know what.

Mary and Lilly finally stop and Isabel manages to catch them. The two girls stood still staring into a dark hole. Isabel tries to distract them from the mysterious tunnel that looked like it lead nowhere. Lilly and mary held each other's hand and walked straight into the blackness with no expression on their faces. Isabel not knowing what to do goes in after them. She uses the torch on her phone to watch the children. Isabel thought it was weird and unlike Mary and Lilly to run away and not listen to her. It was obvious that something paranormal was happening to one of the kids or maybe both.

After 10 minutes of walking Isabel's phone dies. And she cannot see Mary or Lilly anymore she shouts them to come to her but their was no reply. Isabel panics and carries on screaming Mary and Lilly. She then hears a voice coming from one of the kids that said, “hi mummy, is it really you?” She shouts lilly and mary, and one of them reply saying “over here”. Isabel frightened runs toward the voice of the child to find mary and lilly stood together. Lilly looked normal but Mary had darkened eyes that blended in the tunnel. Isabel places her hands on Mary's shoulders and shakes her gently and says “Mary are you okay?” Mary slowly turns her head and looks at Isabel “Hi Isabel, this isn’t Mary, this is your mother” Isabel stunned and terrified grabs her two sisters and runs till she reaches the end of the tunnel. Mary's eyes were back to normal now, Isabel asked Mary how their mother followed them. Mary slowly opens her mouth and whispers “i lead her here”. Isabel confused, demands Mary to explain what she meant. “I have something that was very precious to mummy, i told her she can follow me by this, she is attached to it” Mary giggled. Isabel shocked that Mary was responsible for putting their family in danger. She commands Mary to give her what once was her mother. Mary shoves her hands into her pockets stopping Isabel from getting into them, Isabel grabbed Mary's hands and pulled them out of her pockets, in one of mary's hands was a locket that their mother used to wear. She grabbed the locket out of mary's hands and throws it away. She then grabbed both of her sister's hands and walked back home. The three sister would never live past this haunting experience and the heartbreak of Mary disobeying Isabel's only rule. “Leave all of mummys stuff where it was”


By Skye Allsop

© Copyright 2018 Skye Allsop. All rights reserved.

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