Cold Hearted Girl

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Girl pretends to be boy online for weeks, then acts like she is superior

Submitted: May 14, 2013

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Submitted: May 14, 2013




You've been pretending
But I'm never lending
My heart to you again
'Cause it'd be the same,
You're not who I thought you were
And there's stuff I've learned 
I can't forget
Give up pretending that you love me,
That you'd do anything for me,
You're a liar, I can't believe
You set my insides on fire,
You're trash and I've dumped you now,
I'm so glad, you're just a sad lonely girl,
A cold hearted girl
Trying to turn me to stone
But I won't look in your eyes
Because I know of your lies
You cold hearted girl living in an arrogant world
You cold hearted girl (echo)
I've learned a lesson,
I hope you have too,
But there's nothing I can do
Except take you out
Or block you from my life,
You're hudden, never existed
And I never felt this pain
When you said you were amazing
And better than me
I had to close my mouth before setting a laugh free
It's really so appaling 
You're obviously the one falling and failing
No need to take it out on me
Just stop and realise you're ignorant 
And I'm not interested enough 
So you've got your wish 
I don't care less
I keep thinking you're a mess
Out of my life, thank God
He's always with me,
One man in my life,
Yeah, I struggle with him
But he sets me free
And accepts me

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