Unforgettable Mistakes By Skye

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Submitted: October 28, 2011

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Submitted: October 28, 2011




The chains hang on to me

so tight im never getting away

locked and the key is gone

I stand in love


but he does not love me

chained to his heart I remain

and he doesnt care

so I let my heart bleed

as I bleed black tears


I thought I had a chance

I thought he would set me free

maybe I can finally breath again

but NO! I was wrong


stabbed over and over

my heart is shattered

he took my heart

and stomped on it over and over

but that wasn't the worst of it


stabbed again

then I felt light

I was fooled in that time

I thought I was freed only to fall

with no one their to catch me

I cry tears of rage


im gone finally leaving

I freed myself from your abuse

and finally the bruises will heal

my heart I put back together

and im never giving it away

No! never! </3


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