FANG Diaries (used to be All about my life)

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My Family today.

Submitted: May 13, 2014

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Submitted: May 13, 2014



Dear Diary,

So I want to talk about family and what they look like, age, ETC, so my mom looks like Emma Watson; she is 44 years old and l love her so much. She owns my School so basically i have lots of easyness at school. My dad is Loki and he is 46 on Earth and 646 on Asgard. He is very mischevious but he is so much fun to be around. Now is my Oldest sister Reagan who is (26). She looks like Kylie Jenner but isn't so ya. She is such an inspiration to look up to being middle child, but l love her and l hate her at the same time so ya! Then there is my 2nd older sister Jenn she is (22), she looks EXACTLY like Jenn from YouTube and it's funny she has the same name but i love her. She is also so silly and i just wish she was always at FANG with me. Then there there's me! The third child, i look like Billie Piper but am not so ya, l am (21) and have 100% brain power and stuff, (don't like to brag so ya!) Then there is Victoria who is (19) she looks like Grace Helbig but is Vic, she is the sweetest and ONLY person who helped me through my breakup and I love her ALOT! Now for my Aunt's and Uncle's! My mom's Dad is Tony Stark (75) and her mom is Pepper Potts-Stark (73) and i love my Grandma and GRANDpa as he calls it. Then my Dad's parent's. Odin Laufeyson and Frigga Laufeyson. My grandma died at 743 years old but Gramps is still alive. NOW AUNTS AND UNCLES! My Moms sister is Kitty Disney, she is married to 11, but I call them Auntie Kitty and Uncle 11, by the way it's the 11th doctor.Then there is Kaitlyn Reed-Odinson but here just don't get confused, My uncle is Thor but he hated the last name Laufeyson so now it's Odinson. So Aunt Kaitlyn and Uncle Thor! Now COUSINS! I have ALOT! So i'll start with Kitty and 11. It's NOBODY! ;(, then there is kaitlyn and thor, Princess Hannah (FROZEN HANS TWIN SISTER) , Prince Hans (FROZEN), TIm (5), Kora (8), Listle (guy and 2 months), And Kory (10 and Guy) so that's my cousins. Now for BF's, Fiance's, and HUSBANDS. My sister Reagan is dating Peter Parker (Spiderman), My sister Jenn is dating Tyler Oakley (YouTuber), I'm SINGLE, And so is Vic. This is Day 2 of my life, i am changing the name to FANG Diaries.




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