Damage Goods

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i've been wondering....


I’ve always wondered how it is to be in love, not like in the movies or in fairy tales cause we both know that’s just not real, but think about how is it to feel like you’re not alone, when you’re sad there will be that special person who will not give up on you no matter how hard you try to push them away. He will always be there.

I wonder how is to feel your heart racing every time he looks at you, and getting shivers all over you skin cause he light touched you, listen his sleepy voice right after he wake up next to you and his arms around your waist right before he leans closer looking for a kiss. I wonder how is to smile quietly on your own when you reminds of his smile, or his laugh, or his breath…

I wonder how is to cry with your face pressed against his chest wetting his shirt with tears, and no matter how big is your pain, it’ll surely go away soon cause he’ll be there to make sure of it.

I even wonder how is it to argue and feel shitty cause you know you’ve argued with the only person who could never hurt you, so right after  he’ll probably  call your name and with his head dropped towards the floor he will say ‘’sorry, I love you’’.

I wonder how is it to feel like all the cheesy love songs on the radio makes sense and the romance movies are not that bad anyways. You probably start to like happy endings since the main reason why you used to be so against them was because you didn’t believe in a happy ending in real life.

And when you feel like things couldn’t get any better you both fall sleep together, with his arms around your shoulders and your legs intertwined with his, and right there before you close your eyes, if you stop breathing for a nanosecond you might hear the noise of happiness and how you kind of wishes you could die now cause you feel like this will be the epitome of how happy you’ll be in your entire life and that scares you in a picturesque way. But again, you’ve never thought you would be happy in first place.

Submitted: December 01, 2012

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