For Keith

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It's just a poem I wrote for my fiance.

Submitted: December 06, 2007

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Submitted: December 06, 2007



Your ghost lingers far after you part

The scent of your body fills the whole room

The warmth of your hugs,stays tightly wrapped 'round me

The dream of you with me,

Constantly replaying in my mind


Your touch is so soft

Your breath on my neck, i'll always love

Never stop loving, I know this is true

Your love is so good,

Please don't ever go away


I'll always cry when you leave my side

You make me so weak, I don't even mind

You tell me you have to go, but you'll be back

I know that is true,

I just hate seeing you go


I hope that your absence will always make me sad

I don't ever want to feel any other way

I crave for the time that your back home in my arms

You always make me smile

Security I find being wrapped up in your arms


I love you for everything you are and are not

I know the truth, that nobody else does

I love you for your mistakes,

even more for you effort to correct them


In you I find everything that makes me feel whole

I could never let you go,

I know you feel the same

So the next time that I cry, don't tell me to stop

Cause what i'm really sayin is, Baby I love you.

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