Who Are You?

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This story came out of me watching the Dead Memories video by Slipknot and a certain part was sort of stuck in my head. So here is what I made out of it eventually. Hope you enjoy!

Submitted: July 28, 2014

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Submitted: July 28, 2014



What is this? Where am I? Who are you?

.....Who am I talking to? 

The only thing in front of Corey was the mirror. He was washing up to go out. He didn't have a particular location, but he had been in his house alone for about a week. It was time he got out. But what was he wondering about anyway? He couldn't remember. Maybe he had been staying up too late. He shrugged it off and went out the front door. The air had it's Summer warmth but it had a slightly cool breeze, as if the night had expected him and wanted to make him comfortable.

The loneliness of the house was passed him now. He began his walk, with no positive destination. 

As Corey walked along he began to wonder why the house felt so grim. Was it because his brother had been gone for a few days? He didn't usually feel like this when he was gone.... Besides, he'd be back soon. He was only visiting his children.

He continued down the street until he heard screaming coming from an alleyway. Just keep walking he told himself, but he found himself going down it anyway. 

He saw a man with his fat, sweating fingers tightening around a woman's throat. The man was obviously enjoying the torment she was going through. 

Corey quickened his pace until the man turned his head towards him. "What do you want? You want this too? Come here boy, I'll give you a nice gift..." Corey stepped out of the shadow and the man showed a sudden disgust and horror in his face. "Get...g...get away from me!" The man ran out of the alleyway and disappeared into the city streets.

Corey felt..... confused. He moved over to the woman and checked her pulse. Alive, but barely. He picked her up and moved out of the alley quickly and attempted to flag down a taxi.

Eventually a taxi stopped. "Put the girl in," said the driver without looking at Corey directly. Corey took out his wallet and gave the driver a few bills. "Take her to the hospital as quick as you can," he said. When the driver took the money from Corey's hand he looked him in the face and he went ghostly white.... He quickly rolled up the windows and sped away.

Corey was even more confused. What was wrong? He went to a nearby window and peered at himself. A flash of....what was it? A mask? Surely there was a mistake. A trick of the eye. He looked back into the window. Nothing. He looked like himself. He walked away from the window and made his way towards home.

As he walked on, he noticed the way people looked at him and avoided him. He caught words. Mask. Real or fake? Scary. 

He found himself quickening his pace. He looked back over to the long line of windows to see his reflection and quickly looked back. It didn't look back at him.....

He felt his heart stop in his throat and he came to a sudden stop and looked back at the windows. The reflection was definitely his normal self, but it wasn't facing him. It was looking towards the direction of home. Corey blinked and the relflection was normal. He moved his hand back and forth and the reflection copied exact. Just need some sleep.

He arrived home and went to the mirror. Normal. He looked away and quickly looked back. He felt sick. He suddenly couldn't move. He wanted to look away, but his eyes were glued to the figure in the mirror. The figure that looked back was not him.

The...thing that was in the mirror...it wore......a mask of some sort. It had to be a mask. It just wasn't right. It didn't make sense! It wasn't him!

The creature had sunken in skin that was wrinkled and gray. Where it's eyes should have been were two glowing red orbs. It grinned at him with tiny dagger-like teeth. 

The creature stepped out of the mirror and put it's hand on Corey's shoulder. Time shifted. Reality was a fantasy. And everything else went on except Corey on the Reflection. 

Corey felt himself shiver. "Who are you?"

A deep voice came back as the Reflection's smile grew. The lips made no other movement.

"I am your new life," it said.....

...and all went black.....


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