the last sacrifice

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic
a gilr is fighting demons to get revenge on my family's death when everything is ripped from her and she makes the last sacrifce to get her revenge

Submitted: March 01, 2011

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Submitted: March 01, 2011



running through the woods, cloak fyling behind me, hoping i can make it in time. they are hot on my trail. i cast off the cloak hoping to fool some of the younger ones. it works to my advantage and gives me time to run farther ahead.

they caught up within the better part of thrity minutes. the older ones are frist, stronger, more powerful, i jump into a tree to try and confuse them, didnt work. i climb higher until i have a good advantage over the one behind me and i shoot him , using my last bullet.the next one didnt know where i was so i jump on the the other side and run as fast as i could towards the house.

i thought i had made it there before the demons but i was too late. my freind x's head was dangling from the roof, blood dripping from his jagged neck. it looked as if they had ambushed them for on their faces, looks of determination and wanting to draw blood, were froze there.i was stunned. x was the bet of the best. i had fought with him for years since my own family had been taken from me by the demons.a drop falls and breaks the silence.i knew what i must do. i had to avenge thier death along with my family's

i grab all the weapons i can see and load up on bullets from x's bag.i walk towards the egde of the forest where our base was and draw the dagger i killed my frist demon with and cut myself across my arm.the moment my blood showed, a demon with the face only seen in my nightmares jumped out of the tree next to me. i made quck work of him but he was a decoy.the rest had snuck up on me, all ten thoudsan deomons.

if anyone had been there that night listening they would have heard the roar of a revenge crazed girl and the slaughter of a thousand demons and in the end they could have just heard the girl slip into the peacful arms of death the everlasting sleep.she had finnaly gotten revenge for ther freinds and family by making herself the last sacrifce.

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