Hayden and Karman

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

it's about two friends who secretly like each other

"Hello I'm Karman. My best friend is Hayden. He's a boy I'm a girl. Hayden and I live 
together both of are parents died on a train wreck 4 months ago. Oh and we are not 
Karman's point of view: "Ok I already introduced myself so ok I think Hayden's HOT. But 
does he like me?"
Hayden's point of view: "Ok I'm Hayden and I really love Karman she's beautiful but I 
have a girl already *sighs* 
School Hayden: "Ok listen Samantha we're over."
Samantha: "You can't dump me for a stupid girl like Karman or any of the other stupid 
girls in school." 
Hayden: "Don't call her that!" 
Samantha: "Well she is!!!"
Hayden: "Well shes better than you!"
Karman's point of view: So I come around the corner and see Hayden and Samantha 
?ghting, ya so I go and yell " Hey stop ?ghting!" 
Samantha: "STAY OUT OF THIS!" *pushes Karman to the ?oor* 
Karman runs away sobbing.
Hayden screams: "KARMAN!"
Hayden try's to run after her.
But Samantha grabs Hayden.
And says "We're not over for that stupid EMO freak! I mean have you looked at her?"
Hayden: "Yes I have and she's perfect!"
"NO" screams SamanthaShe lets go of Hayden's arm and slapped his face.
"I can do better than you" Samantha scowls.
Hayden runs to Karman.
He ?nds Karman and says "Come on schools out its summer Karman lighten up." 
"Okay......." she trails off while talking.
They went to the park.
Karman: "I'm tired can we go home? Please?"
Hayden: "Yes of course! Can you walk?"
Karman: "Ummmm yeah." 
Hayden: "Are you sure?"
Hayden: "Karman?"
She gets up but she falls.
Hayden gives her a piggy back ride.
She falls asleep of Hayden's shoulders.
He grins.
Hayden carries her to their house and lays her down on his bed. They both sleep.
Karman awakes and fells breath on her neck. She smiles grabs his arms and wrap his 
arms around her waist and giggles and goes back to sleep.
They both wake and his arms are still around her waist and they're really close not even 
a millimeter away and Hayden says "Oh I'm sorry" and let's go. And theres not much 
room so he falls to the ?oor. Karman laughs so hard she rolled off the bed and on top of Hayden. She stays on top and stares into his dark black hair and moves his hair to see 
his beautiful brown eyes.
They stare deeply into each others deep brown eyes. 
They come to their sciences and Karman rolls of saying "Oh gosh I'm so so sorry." 
And Karman runs out of the room and goes to the bathroom and locks the door.
And cries
And cries
She hears knocking. Karman did you cut yourself god please tell me you didn't. 
Hayden: "If I made you cry for what I did I'm sorry I was asleep I didn't know."
The door opens Karman hugs Hayden.
She's still crying.
Hayden: "Come on let's go to a special place."
They went to the train tracks.
Hayden: "WE were the ones who survived the wreck and we friends before that to.
Hayden pushed Karman onto the abandoned train tracks.
Got on top of her and kissed her.
He pulls away to breathe. 
He starts to cry and says sorry.
Karman: " Did you know that I was the one who put you arms around me? "
Hayden: "What!?!
Karman: "Its my fault sorry!"Hayden begins to sing her favorite RED JUMPSUIT APPARATUS song.
She's says your singing your guardian angel.
Karman: "Kiss me again please?"
Hayden: " What!?!
They started to slow dance by the train tracks.
They kissed and he found her weak spot and the moaned.
She grabbed a hand full of his hair and pulled and he moaned into her mouth.
Hayden: "I LOVE YOU KARMAN!!!!!!!!!
I love you with all my cold black heart.
Karman: "I LOVE YOU HADEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Submitted: June 07, 2013

© Copyright 2022 skyler l. All rights reserved.

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