A Family Company

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I had lost contact with my father after my parent's divorce, and I saw him maybe once a year and this was written about one of those trips.

Submitted: June 24, 2009

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Submitted: June 24, 2009



Every time I see my father

It's like meeting someone

For the first time.

You walk up a if meeting

For some business proposal

As if you were assigned a time

And date

To reminisce about memories

On one side of the merger

And then you sit in the car

In silence

With this stranger

Wondering how much of yourself

You should show,

You think about image, maketing, and sales pitches.

What kind of man he is.

You skim over formailities,

"How is the Ms.?"

"What's the weather like in Phoenix?"

Always the same answer.

By the end of the car ride,

You are looking at your Dad.

The one you played football with

As a kid.

The one who brought home dinner

And hogged the T.V.

And just like that,

I am helping him carry his bags again

To board the plane again

To take him away again

And the handshakes are stronger than the hugs.

And when you see him walk away,

He is not your Dad,

Nor father.

But a businessman,

Just dropping in

On behalf of his employer:

S.C. Johnson

A family company

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