History and the Heart

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I thought the idea would make a good poem. It's a little choppy, but bear with it. Thank you.

Submitted: June 09, 2009

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Submitted: June 09, 2009



History peered back along his train track

Of volumes

And beheld all the wonder and chaos.

He looked very closely at Hitler and Mussolini,

He peered at Stalin, and Marx, along with Einstien,

Ghandi, Buddha, Christ, and all other figures.

He watched walls go up and blow apart.

And then he looked into the present

And saw every Hitler and Mussolini, and Stalin born again.

And wept a bitter tear.

The Heart peered back on all of it's doings.

All the conqured blood and flesh and souls.

He looked intently at Paris, at The Hanging Gardens,

He stared at the love of God for Man,

Looked at every pair of eyes, every word of praise,

And then gazed into the present.

He saw every Paris that roamed,

Every garden that withered,

Every God, destroyed.

And wept a bitter tear.

And History looked at the Heart with a sobering stare,

And the Heart beat on itself,

And said History to the Heart,

"Lest we repeat ourselves."

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