Passion and Reason (The Battle)

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A battle of Heart VS Mind.

Submitted: June 13, 2009

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Submitted: June 13, 2009



"March ahead!" Cried the Mind

A strategist to say the least

"Hold firm!" Said the Heart

Thebeautifully tame beast

And they rode out to meet each other

In the desert of my soul

Knowing that either passion or reason

Shall be swallowed up whole

"Surrender now," said the Mind

"And I will spare your men."

"Never will I surrender," said the Heart,

"But you can surrender, then."

They both rode back in anger

Waiting for the right time to charge

Who will win this glorious battle

With both brain and heart so large?

Swords, they flew; and guns, they fired

Hearts and minds were split in two

And the Generals wandered back

And let the fight continue

Hearts, they bled; and minds, they screamed

Ventricles and lobes were both gone

Both sides retreated with one or two men

Who would be dead before dawn

The generals rode up again

The sun beginning to set

And thier horses trampled over the dead

And none got what they tried to get

"It looks like today seems to be a draw,"

Said the Mind as he looked about with sorrow.

"Well," said the Heart, "Good fight today,

See you again, same time,


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