Derping With A Genie (Part One)

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I made this out of my boredom like God made the heavens and earth out of his awesomeness. Anyway, this is for moi, McKnight, PoeticMe143, Stream, and GirlyGirlStar. The rest is a surprise!

A/N: Hey guys, I really really hope you like this story! I spent hours on it, even if it's not long. I am on my iTouch. My iTouch is one of the slowest devices on earth. Now, it is almost 1 in the morning. And on my iTouch, to make a paragraph you have to make 8 special characters in the spot you want to leave a space on. Every. Single. Time. Again, it's almost 1 am here, and I swear to heck, I am not lying, I spent almost a full hour making this story paragraphed. So you must like it! *Using a Jedi mindtrick*



Once opon a time, there were five awesome friends. Sky, Poetic, GGS, McKnight, and Stream. And one fateful day, their luck turned out great. A- Sky: shut up!



So, they were um...Sitting around in a mansion made by the creators of booksie. They were chillin' like villians in the huge livingroom bored out of their minds.


Poetic: Is there anything to even do in this place?


McKnight: doesn't seem like it. I haven't found any video games.


Sky: What? THE HORROR!


GGS: yeah, that is true sadness. Not even a single laptop?


Stream: nope, and my phone is dead. THE HORROR!


Sky: Wow, first world problems...But that sucks.


McKnight: pretty much. You know what would be awesome? If we could have the three wishes type deal, but with unlimited wishes.


Poetic: *claps* for the love of Michael Jackson, that would be cool.


Stream: AH! GUYS LOOK!


Suddenly a genie appears.


Genie: you called


Sky: well that disappointing, I excepted you to be more of Robin Williams ghost.


Genie: that wish sucks, carry on.


GGS: I already met Loki...So now can I meet Tom Hiddleston?!?!?!?!


Genie: *sigh* fine. *Tom Hiddleston appears*


Tom: Er, hello? I am k-


GGS: *screams* *jumps on Tom to give him a hug* AH, I LOVE YOU!!!


Tom: Th-thank you. You're choking me.


GGS: sorry. *barely moves*


Poetic: um, while they are busy...Genie, will you bring back Michael Jackson and let me meet him?


Genie: sure, sure.


Smoke starts covering the bottom of the room. Thriller starts playing, and Michael Jackson comes dancing in.


MJ: Hello. I heard someone named Poetic wanted to see me?


Poetic: EEK! YES YES YES YES! *runs over* *hugs him*


MJ: Don't choke me now, I already died once.


Poetic: s-s-sorry, I didn't mean to!


MJ: just kidding, I'm good.


Poetic: oh! Great! Could you teach me how to dance?


MJ: sure, here if you want to dance like me, you gotta...*goes off into teaching*




Genie: fine. What do you want?


Stream: hmm...Oh, I know! I'd like to meet Ian friggen Somerhalder!


Genie: as you command.


Ian Somerhalder cones walking inside the mansion like the gorgeous man he is.


Ian: Hello? *Sees everyone* Oh, hi. Why is there a genie here?


Stream: *Going insane* OHMYGOSH, IAN SOMERHALDER IS HERE, I AM MEETING HIM IN PERSON! *Tackles him in a tight hug*


Ian: um...I'm flattered...*Nervous smile*




Ian:.......You know, you may be crazy but I like you.


Stream: *about to die of happiness*




Genie: You don't have to scream. What is your wish?


McKnight: I want to meet Superman!


Superman comes flying in out of nowhere.


Superman: Wait, where am I? What is this?


McKnight: Frick yeah! Superman!


Superman: no I'm Clark. *looks down at his suit* oh...well crap. And you know me?


McKnight: dude, you are like my idol.


Superman: *smiles* thank you. I'm flattered, really. Now where's the soda in this joint?


McKnight:...Uh, I think there's a kitten in this mansion somewhere, I we can find it.


Superman: *uses his x-ray vision to look for the kitchen through other walls* FOUND IT!

McKnight: frick yes!








Sky: um, yeah. Well. It's my turn for a wish.


Genie: *frowns* what do you want?






The the door of he mansion opened and five guys and a girl walked in. Smosh Games.


Sky: *breathing super heavily* Oh-oh my gosh, it's Sm-Smosh Games. Poetic, I'm gonna pass out.


Jovenshire: woah, are you okay? Don't pass out please.


Ian: dude, why are we here?


Anthony: we were just about to play Pokemon...


Lasercorn: isn't it obvious? Lasercornia has come out of Minecraft and the villagers are fans!


Mari: what the Frick Lasercorn.


Sohinki: who's the genie?


Sky: *hugs Joven*


Lasercorn: *pouts* no love for me...


Sky: *hugs the rest* oh my gosh I love you guys more than you could ever understand.


Genie: You. Poetic, GGS. You may have one more wish each.


GGS: I want...One Direction! Get them all here so I can live my life with Harry Styles!


Genie: fiiiiine.


Then 1D appears.


Harry: what are we doin' here guys?


Liam: no idea Harry...


Zayn: *holding a mirror* this genie guy did NOT just interrupt my mirror time.


Louis: I'm scared, the fangirls have caught up to us...


Niall: eh, there are cute girls here. *blushes*




Harry: uh oh, please don't! You are too pretty, I can't let you feel bad! Do you want some water?


GGS: *has a complete life* Happiness...Overflowing...Can't...Comprehend...Hotness...


Louis: um, wha'?


Poetic: My wish now!


Genie: people, the volume. Shhhhhhhhhhutthefrickup. L

Poetic: it doesn't matter Genie. Now can I please meet...Levi Ackerman!


Genie: Uh, cha.


Sky: when did you become a 12 year old girl on tumblr, Genie?


McKnight: nice.


Then, Levi Ackerman, in all his hot anime glory, appears in the room wearing his uniform.


Levi:..........Where am I?


Poetic: *hyproventilating* LEEEEEEEEVIIIIIIIII OMG. *Tries to stay cool* *fails* You are just too friggen amazing, please let me hug you Levi.


Levi: *Stands still* Er-


Poetic: *hugging Levi*


Levi:............Thank you for the admiration, I guess.


Poetic: *in a dreamland*




Genie: kids, I will friggen go somewhere else if you don't stop being loud.


Stream: we don't even know why you're here in the first place...So can I have my own personal vampire BF, like forever?


Genie: I suppose. Treat him well.


Smoke covers he ground, like when Michael Jackson appeared. But this time, a silhouette came in. When everyone saw him, they were mesmerized. The vampire boy was pale, and thin. He had a great body tone, and his muscles were awesome. He had black hair, spiked up just a teeny bit. He wore black jeans, black converse, and a black muscle shirt.


Vampire: greetings. I am Xander.


Stream: REAL! LIFE! VAMPIRE! Sir, I am Stream. Now can I like, admire you from closer?


Xander: *grins, showing off long fangs* of course.


Stream: *in heaven*


Genie: now if we can get away from this bit of romance novel territory, I believe it is McKnight's turn to wish for something.


McKnight: cool. Now let's see...I've got Spidy...Or some bad*** actors...IDK...WAIT! I want you to bring me The Deadpool movie from the future, and the bigger, most high definition tv you have. And a ps4. I'm gonna watch this movie the right way.


Genie:......Just a sec, it's a large order.......


Then all the electronics pop in out of nowhere already set up. The Deadpool movie of the future sits on top of the sleek ps4.


McKnight: AAAAAAAWWWEEEESSSSSOOOOOOOOOMMEEEE!!!!!!!!! *Watches the movie in awe*


Sky: My turn, my turn, my turn, my turn!


Genie: I friggen heard the first time.


Sky: This is so hard...Morgan Grimes...Or Michael Rosenbaum...Or...A boyfriend...Or maybe Sheldon Cooper...FRICK, I CAN'T CHOOSE!


Genie: *sigh* I will choose for you. Just have your own personal Michael Rosenbaum or something, fangirl. *rolls eyes*


Sky: YESH!!!!!!!! *Way too overly excited* Michael Rosenbaum walks through the mansion door, confused as heck.


Michael: Wheeeeeere is this exactly? *Looking around*


Sky: *In shock* I-It's just a mansion...Can I please hug you now?


Michael: say what now?


Sky: *hugs him anyway* BEST DAY EVER!!



And that is the story of those five friends, and how irresponsible they are with a Genie. Well, half of it...(DUN DUN DUN!)

Submitted: October 17, 2014

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................. I'M speechless. I really am.
Thank you for making me vividly see me meeting mOTHERFUCKING SUPERMAN FOR THE FIRST TIME IN MY LIFE! *Ahem* And thank you for once again, including me in your story. So this goes without saying.... You're the best! lmfao luv ya!

Fri, October 17th, 2014 3:45pm


Lol, thank you! Love you too McKnight! And how could I not include you, you're friggen hilarious. :)

Fri, October 17th, 2014 9:54am


Am I.....dreaming? RLS YOU ARE THE BEST MOST FANTABOULES PERSON EVER!!!!! Tom and One direction. What more can I want?????? GAH IMMA DIEEEE!!!!! Thank you so so so much for the story!!! I swear my queen RLS better feel proud cause this just made my life. IM DYIIIINNNNGG!!! I LOVE YOU RLS!!! *hugs you* also, WE ALL GOT BAE's!!! and McKnight got to meet his idol, so yeah XD I LOVE YOU SO MUCH SKY!!

Fri, October 17th, 2014 8:06pm


I LOVE YOU MOST!! XD I am seriously soooo happy you loved his, because as silly as it is, I worked, reeeaaaally hard on it. So thank you! :) You are he most awesome though, not me. That is why I made this, because you are so awesome I had to give you something in return. So again, thank you, and stay fabulously fab.

Fri, October 17th, 2014 10:18pm


first off, 'for the love of Michael Jackson," Ahhhhh yuusss BLB yuuus!!! Secondly i'm just sitting here like :O :D XD!!!!!!!! yuuuus Michael!!! Auhh Sky don't make me cry now, I miss my baby michael!! Hakeem: Baby? He's like 40 something years older than you! Me: and you're like trillions of years older than Trinity! (mean while back at the comment). This was amazing sky just amazing, but honestly if i ever met michael jackson, it'd just be over i'd drown him with love and hugs and kisses and ahhhhhh Hakemm: excuse Poetic she's going fangirl/crazy/insane. I love this skyrim, just love it, I'm lost for words now. ~Poetic

Fri, October 17th, 2014 9:51pm


Thank you so much, it makes me glad that you like I so much. And remember, if it weren't for you, and your awesomeness, this wouldn't have been made. You wer one of the first people I met on booksie, and the first friend. Then you were the first person who's writings made me laugh. Then it wen uphill from there. And if I weren't for you, I most likely wouldn't have met McKnight or GGS either. So thank YOU. And I'm sure Michael Jackson would be your BFF if you two could meet! :D Hahaha, thank you so much for reading, happy you like it.

Fri, October 17th, 2014 10:21pm


I'm like the smiliest person, in the smiliest city, in the smiliest country, in the smiliest planet, in the smiliest solar system, in the smiliest of skies, in the smiliest universe, in the (and the list goes on and on and on...) EVER!!! For example, I GET TO MEET Ian FRIGGEN Somerhalder!!! *clutches heart* Somebody catch me *falls dramatically* And, Xander is smexy name for a smexy vampire.... But anyways, Thank you so much for this!!! I'm like the world's happiest person to have you as my friend!!!!! This is getting so emotional!!! *cries happy tears* Thank you so much!!!! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH SKY!!!!!!! :-)

Sat, October 18th, 2014 4:24pm


I LOVE YOU TOOOO! YOU ARe THE AWESOMEST PERSON, IN THE AWESOMEST CITY, (And so on) And that is why I made this, because you are so awesome, I had to. :) I am sooooo happy you liked this Stream, I worked hard on it. I'm also happy that you liked Xander, hehehe. :D Thanks for reading and stuffs, love ya! (Ian and Stream, sittin' in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G!)

Sat, October 18th, 2014 10:28pm

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