My Batman (Smosh Games fanfiction and contest entry)

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

This is for Chrissymarie's Thanksgiving contest. Since I'm annoyingly attached to Smosh Games and never stop blabbing about it, I thought why not? So here is my romance/thanksgiving contest entry! I hope you like it!

Hi. My name is Joshua Ovenshire, better known as Batman. Just kidding, I'm The Jovenshire from the YouTube channel Smosh Games. Every day, Smosh Games makes a video, and every Friday, we release a game bang, where everyone just plays a video game. It get pretty wild. And since Thanksgiving is really close, the channel was planning a special. We we're playing some sort of Thanksgiving video game, I think you had to kill turkeys or something. But that was for tommorrow. Today, we all played grand theft auto. We had just finished actually, and Wes, our editor, was about to start editing the clips. He stretched, "Meh, this is gonna be fun..." he said already bored out of his mind. I smiled, and joked "well, at least you don't have our job. We have to sit around playing video games all day, sheesh." Wes laughed from his office chair. "Thanks for rubbing it in Joven!" I nodded and left the room to get back home so I could watch the new Flash tv show. It was pretty great. But before I left the Smosh building, I saw Mari at the vending machine, being all cute...



Let me explain. I'd had a crush on Mari for the longest time, more than a year. I'd always kept it a secret though.



Why? Because Mari had a boyfriend already. His name was Peter Kitch, and him and Mari had been dating since 2010 I think. Soooo, yeah...



Although I'd never told anyone, I had dropped hints to the viewers. In one video on my personal YouTube channel, she called me over the phone. After she hung up, I said "aww, she's so cute..." I didn't say it was her, because I was "keeping the mystery alive." And that wasn't all of it, but I won't go on and on.



If you've ever seen Mari, you should know one reason why I love her. She's just drop dead gorgeous. And talented, and really funny, and great at video games, and she's a Whovian...What isn't there to love?



Anyway, I smile to myself before walking over to the vending machine where Mari stood trying to get a soda. "Damn it, stupid vending machine!" she yelled. I chuckled and told her, "Mari, you know there's a trick to getting that to work." she turned around to see me. "oh, hey Joven. What's the trick then? 'Cause I've been trying to get that dr pepper for almost ten minutes now." I walked closer to the vending machine, and put in 2 numbers on the thingy. "it's really simple, you just gotta put in the number of the drink to the right of what you want. I guess the numbers weren't put in right." a dr pepper fell to the bottom of the machine. Mari reader in to grab it. "Thank God, if I got one more pack of old bubblegum I swear I would of puked." I grinned at her. Ah, Mari. "Well uh, see you later then?" I said, and started to walk off. But Mari stopped me. "Wait, Joven. If you want, I'm going to get some oh-so Thankgiving-like pizza. Wanna come with?" Inside, I was super excited and more giddy than I care to admit, but I tried to keep it cool. I just replied "Yeah, sure! What pizza?"



Guys, if Mari ever says she knows a good pizza place, believe her. She brought me to a small, homemade pizza place about 5 minutes drive fron the Smosh building. It was like heaven in a food. "Wow, this pizza's amazing Mari, how'd you find this place?" I asked, scarfing down my third slice. She finished a bite, and said "Oh, Peter told me about it." that left a bad feeling in my stomach. I mean, I wasn't trying to be a mean person, Peter was a nice guy. But he had Mari to himself. It just...Made me a little jealous I guess. "Are you okay there?" Mari asked. I looked up at her and pushed up my annoying glasses a bit. "Y-yeah, I'm good. Dunno if this pizza will feel so good in a couple hours, it's already not agreeing with my stomach." I know, I know. But I couldn't think of anything else to say. "Well, er, it's getting kinda late, I guess I'll get going. This was really fun Mari." I embarrassingly said, and put my coat on. Mari smiled. "Yep, good hanging with you!"



Hey, it's Mari here. Just so you know. So yeah, after Joven left the pizza place, I had to sit there, just for a few seconds. But eventually, I left too.



I parked my car, and walked inside my apartment, to see Peter, standing in my living room holding some flowers. "Hey Mari." he said smiling widely. "the tulips are for you, for being so beautiful all the time." My eyes lit up, and I went over to my handsome boyfriend. "Aww, no Peter, you are too nice. Don't be so nice, because I don't deserve such an awesome boyfriend." I pecked him on the cheek. "But I don't deserve such a uniquely gorgeous girlfriend. I'm surprised people don't hit on you at work all the time." he replied kindly. "Pfft, please. Sohinki, Lasercorn, Ian, and Anthony are all taken, I assure you." I laughed. Well, not Joven though. We smiled at eachother, and sat down on the couch. "do you...Wanna watch some tv?" I asked. He nodded, "cool, sure." I got the remote and turned the tv on.



After scrolling around through countless kids shows, stupid commercials, and ridiculous cooking shows, I finally found the Flash. Didn't Joven like this show? "Nice, The Flash!" I said. "I've never watched it, actually." Peter said staring at the screen. "It's pretty badass so far, it's really new." I replied.



We watched as the episode flew by all too fast, (no pun intended, I swear!) and Peter had to go home. "See ya later baby!" I said smiling at his lovely face. "you too. Love you!" he said before closing the door behind him. Minutes past. And more minutes. Getting bored, I figured I would look through the comments for one of the older Smosh Games videos. Some were trolls, some were just saying "nice vid." or something, and others were shipping people, like Iancorn, Ianthony, and for some weird reason, me and Sohinki. Plus a couple stray comments that shipped me and Jovenshire. I rolled my eyes, but then I thought about it a little more. It was a crazy though, but...Did...Did I "like" Joven? No no, crazy thought. I put my phone back in my pocket.



The next day, I went in for work. We were going to shoot a game bang. I walked into the filming room, to see only Jovenshire. "The others aren't here yet, caught up in morning traffic." he explained. Ah. I sat down in one of the office chairs set up, and looked at the case of the game we were playing today. It looked pretty cartoonish. Meh, it looked pretty fun though.




It's me again, Joven. Hope you don't mind. I looked at Mari from the corner of my eye, wishing that we could just be together. Or at least that I had the courage to tell her that I liked her as more than a friend. But I didn't. So I just sat there, admiring her natural beauty, and soft, cute hair. Then Lasercorn came in, "hey guys, ready to get your butts kicked in a turkey shooting game?" he teased. "Ready for your's to be kicked you mean?" Mari sticked her tongue out at him jokingly.



One by one, everyone got to the filming room. So, we started filming, all screaming "Game Bang!" Blah blah blah, yada yada yada. All that you need to know, is that the punishment is that the two losers had to dress up as turkeys, while everyone else pelts them with thanksgiving food, like pudding, and mashed potatoes and stuff. Well, me and Mari lost. So we had to get into goofy turkey costumes, and get ready for war. "Ok you two, come show us your outfits!" Anthony said laughing already. Mari and I walked onto camera in the ridiculous turkey costumes. I couldn't help but smile, raising my arms like "you see what you guys did? You see?!" And Mari just laughed at herself and me. "Ian, why don't you show them what they will be destroyed with?" Sohinki said evily. Ian smiled, and gestured to three buckets. "the first one here, is mashed potatoes. They are more thick than usual for some reason. And in this middle bucket, is some actual turkey for you overgrown turkeys to be pelted with. And in the last bucket, is some delicious chocolate pudding." "save me some!" Anthony said. "Dibs!" screamed Lasercorn. Soon, a bunch of thanksgiving food was catapulted at Mari and I. Some pudding hit me in the face hard. "ow! Well f*** you guys!" I yelled as they laughed.



It was a fun day, even if I was sweaty after the turkey costume, and my face was covered in thanksgiving food. I saw Mari again too, getting herself another soda. "Hey Mari!" I said happily. She waved, "sup Turkeyshire!" Smiling, I walked over to her, just like the day before. "Thanks for the vending machine tip yesterday by the way." she said as she opened her soda can. "no problem." I said. But today was different than the day before. I don't know why, but somehow, I mustered up courage. "Mari, can I tell you something completely insane?" she was confused looking, but nodded. "I...I have a crush on you Mari. I do, I promise, I have for a long time. I just didn't know how or when to tell you." Then, out of nowhere, the most amazing, miraculous thing ever, happened. Mari kissed me.



She kissed me! Mari kissed me! My mind melted, and I couldn't think at all. All that I knew, is that she was kissing me. After a while, it ended, and she looked at me with a face that said everything I could ever want. It said, "I love you too," and "I've always liked you Joven," and just...Bliss. Then the expression changed, and Mari panicked. "J-Joven, I already have a boyfriend! Am I really doing this?! What-what am I doing?!" she pulled away from me, and ran out of the building. After a few seconds of happiness, Mari's love left. And I was left heartbroken.



I didn't come in to work the next day. Or the day after that. After all the time I'd loved Mari, she repaid me with two seconds of love, then she left for another man. I mean, I knew she was dating Peter. I knew that! But I couldn't stop thinking about her, and her face that she made, right after our kiss...But still, she couldn't love me, and didn't. She loved Peter. Instead of going into work, I stayed in my bed, more heartbroken than I could have ever thought. I heard my phone ring from my bedside table, and picked I up. It was Mari. Why would Mari call me? Out of insanity, I answered it. "Mari? Why are you calling me?" I asked. I could tell she had been crying recently when she said "Joven, I broke up with Peter. We're done. I left him, so I could be with you." I sat up so fast, I hurt my head. "Wait what?!" Did I hear her right? Did she really just say that?! "Me and Peter have parted ways now. I love you too Joven."



After she called, I jumped out of bed, got dressed, and drove at 90 mes per hour to get to the Smosh Building. Mari stood outside. I got out of my car as fast as I could to meet her. "Mari, did you really-" for the second time, Mari wrapped her arms around my neck, and kissed me.

Submitted: November 08, 2014

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Awwwwwwe BLB this is too cute!!! Yes I agree Mari is very beautiful and Jovenshire has a sort of cuteness to him also :p. Lol, that turkey thing sounds amazing! Well as long as you're the person throwing the food :). Now I would fell bad for Peter,'buuuuuut Jovenshire and Mari are way cuter together. Best of luck in the contest BLB, you deserve 1st!!!! And if u don't get it *slowly lifts up knife* I'll deal with it ;). ~Poetic ?

Tue, November 11th, 2014 12:26am


Lol! XD Po-Po, this is like, the best comment you could have left, it made my day. :) I really do ship Marishire though. *takes a second knife* *raises it* because Marhinki shall not pass!!!!! Haha, happy you like it BLB.

Mon, November 10th, 2014 5:54pm

Luke Smith

YAY! A fan fiction where there is no being gay involved!

Fri, November 14th, 2014 12:17am


I am laughing so hard right now. XD This comment made my day, no joke. And none of them are really gay, plus Marishire is my favorite ship ever, so yeah. Hope you liked it.

Thu, November 13th, 2014 9:18pm


THIS WAS SO ADORABLE IMMA CRY!!!!!!!! I SHIP THEM SO HARD!!!!!! Even though I sort of feel really bad for peter. Oh well, he is nice enough to find another girlfriend and now I shall Ship Marishire in peace!!! THEY ARE TOO ADORABLE!!!! Awe Joven is soooo cute!! I found it so cute how he just switched off his life becaus he thought Mari had left him for peter. BUT SHE CAME BACK AND YOU HAVE TO WIN THIS OR ILL CRY!!!!!! Ahh RLS why you do this to my feels??? This needs to happen.

Fri, November 14th, 2014 4:57pm


XD XD XD XD XD RLS, I'm actually laughing at how sweet and awesome this comment is. You seriously did make my day, thanks so much. And I've been a Marishire shipper for a while now, ever since like, less than a week of me watching Smosh Games. Then I was looking at a wiki entry about Mari, saying she had a boyfriend, and I was like "WHAAAAAAAT?!?!" So then this happened, lol. I'm really happy that you liked this, I sure had fun writing it. :D Thanks for reading and leaving your comment!

Fri, November 14th, 2014 1:42pm

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