Broken (Paradox)

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Well, I read this to my class as a graded asighnment, and for it I was personally invited to some elite writing club, well hope you enjoy(:

Submitted: October 26, 2012

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Submitted: October 26, 2012




The cold November wind picked up and rattled through the bare limp limbs of the trees that hung so low they looked like skeletons in mourning. Tessa wrapped her jacked tightly around herself shuddering at the sight of her old house and stepped out of the car. All of its windows were boarded up, and the surface was covered in graffiti. Heavy black clouds blanketed the sky, and the air was weighed down with the feel of rain. The house itself looked dead, something you would see at on the side of an old abandoned road and wouldn’t think twice about it. The gravel driveway gave way to a small set of cracking cement steps, and a wooden walkway leading up to a porch that wrapped around the whole house like a tight hug. She mounted the stairs, only stopping as a wave of nausea washed over her. A dead cat lay at the foot of the door, its half rotted carcass covered in fleas and other insects, its blood smeared onto the door. She gasped at the smell of rotting flesh as the wind blew it towards her. Her stomach heaved, and she wretched over the small brittle wooden railing.

Tessa, this is bad, don’t go in there.

She thought warily, but instead she wiped off her mouth with the back of her hand and patted the small knife in her pocket, instead grabbing the key from the chain hanging around her neck, and, stepping over the body of the animal, grabbed hold of the rusting, blood spattered knob sliding the key in and unlocking it. Holding her breath, Tessa squeezed her eyes shut and took her first step in. She expected the inside to match the exterior but instead, the room looked as it did the last time she was here fifteen years ago. The white carpet was slightly worn in with foot prints, the walls were painted a dull yellow and family pictures covered them. Sighing she breathed in the smell of home, this drowned out any other sense of confusion as how the house had remained so well preserved, having forgotten what it was like to be here. She walked slowly towards the kitchen when suddenly, fear gripped her and she froze. Her mother stood before her, young and radiant, a beautiful smile on her lips, looking through Tessa, at a small girl laughing and walking into the room, her brown hair up in pigtails, and light blue eyes happy. She felt her chest constrict, her breath shorten, how was this possible? What was she watching, and how was it possible that this memory was so vivid?

“Tessa, come tell me about your day!” her mom said, plopping onto a chair.

I need to get out of here…. But what is this? What was the word May told me… paradox?

“Mom, how are you here? How are you even alive?” Her voice sounded different from theirs, watery, and atmospheric, their voices were layered with a static crackle, like an old cassette tape. This was non-sense; her mother had died years ago. In the very hallway she just walked down.

“Mommy, Mommy! I learned my nines time table today! And the whole ride home on the bus Eddie kept-“

“-Pulling on my hair.” finished Tessa in unison with the girl. Her moms smile only widened.

“Sweetheart that means he likes you. Watch out, you might get a case of the… COOTIES.” Her mom said, and on the last word, grabbed the girl and tickled her, making Tessa swell with jealousy towards how happy the two were, still she couldn’t help it and smiled at them, but the moment was interrupted by a loud bang towards the back of the house. Both of their heads shot up and Tessa’s mother’s eyes filled with fear, quickly she hid it with a smile any child would believe. But Tessa was old enough now to see through it.

“It’s just daddy messing around.” She said with a pushed, fake laugh. “Now go upstairs and get changed out of your school clothes.”

 The little girl quickly abided by her mother and turned to go, saying, “I love you!” and running up the stairs to her room. She turned to watch the little apparition of herself bouncing down the hallway upstairs. Tessa blinked, and the images were gone, instead she was standing in a large room empty of furniture, the ground covered in dead flies and debris that had blown in from outside. Decayed cabinets hung from the crumpling wall, and most of the doors were missing from them. The once light blue walls of the kitchen were now dull grey and peeling. Some walls were splattered with graphic drawings and words in spray paint seeming to want to reach out and grab her. In the center of the room was a huge pentagram, with traces of candle wax on the floor. Tessa grabbed hold of the wall for stability, blinking, and suddenly it was back, like a movie she had paused. Her mother’s face had changed now that the girl was upstairs. The fake smile fell off her face, dropping just like the color. She was petrified. Her lips trembled, and she swallowed to clear her throat. The walls closed in on Tessa as she watched her mom stumble towards the knife drawer of the kitchen, grabbing one and wrapping her hands around it, like a lifeline. Slowly she made her way towards the back door of the house, tiptoeing as quietly as she could. Her face a mask of determination. Tessa walked with her mom quietly,

This is crazy. She thought, but she didn’t care, all she knew was that her mother was in danger, and needed help. She cautiously pulled the small knife from her pocket as a thud echoed from the direction they were headed.

She froze. So did her Mom.

Adrenaline coursed through her veins. Despite the very cold conditions, her forehead was caked with sweat. A flash of fabric rounded the corner. Tessa felt a sharp intake of breath from herself, as her mom launched herself around the corner at the tall dark figure cloaked in black. Everything happened at once, her mother lashed out, stabbing at the figure with as much strength as she could muster, but t

he thing made no indication that she had made a hit, Tessa screamed and dropped her own small knife, as it cloaked mother in its shadow, and she saw her moms face go blank. She held the knife in both hands and walked out onto the front lawn where her father was just pulling up. Tessa trailing behind, she tried to grab the knife from her mom, but just swiped through the body of her memory. Tessa looked up to see the little girl looking out of the window upstairs, her smiling face falling as confusion wiped away her smile, her brow furrowed when she saw the glint from the knife in her moms hands. Tessa watched in horror as the memory relived itself, her mother walked up to her dad, kissed him, then thrust the knife into his stomach, twisting it, then pulling it out only to heave it in again and again, even after her father fell to the ground, she could hear the banging on the upstairs window, and the little screams. Tessa broke down, her knees buckling, tears streaming down her face, she wanted to scream too, but she couldn’t, she was frozen there, quietly sobbing. Her mom stood then, walking past her into the house. She couldn’t remember how she did this, but she pulled herself up and dragged her feet to the door. The scene before her… was indescribable, and horrific. She saw herself standing at the top of the stairs, tears streaming down her face, and eyes full of questions,

This was a terrible idea, why did I come back here?

Tessa watched with loathing toward herself as her mother looking into the eyes of herself, a time when she had been happy and carefree, and slit her own wrists. Dropping the knife she fell, not before leaving a bloody handprint on the wall that smeared as she went down. So many questions whirled in her mind. The little girl was gone, and the body of her mother remained with pools of blood gathering around her, spilling from her slit wrists, brown deer eyes staring glassily at the ceiling. Tessa looked up to see the dark figure at the end of the hallway, staring into her eyes, saying her name in a deep voice, that crackled like fire.

Tessa gasped and sat up in her bed, clutching at her blanket for anything to grab hold of as her breathing slowed; her body was covered in a cold sweat, although her room was freezing. She held a hand to her chest feeling for the key she kept at her heart. A sob escaped her.

It was just a dream, it’s all over, I’m far away from that place now, and nothing can hurt me.

She thought, closing her eyes and squeezing them shut for a few seconds, she leaned back onto her blankets, relaxing on the soft downy pillows. A creak echoed in the corner of her room, her eyes ripped open to see the dark figure standing at the end of her bed. Then everything went black.

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