Rhythm of Darkness

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A not so typical teenager going through a very inner dark struggle with sanity and reality.

Submitted: August 27, 2012

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Submitted: August 27, 2012



And her Innocence was lost, death came to it as it pitifully drowned in her sins. Through the drinking, and reckless behavior, from the cuss words, to the unholy thoughts. Her actions changed her soul, making it darker and her sanity slowly slipped away from her own grasp. The devil was at the reigns now. If not him, then his men, his demonic soldiers from the deepest cracks and corners of hell. Other people couldn't see the evil going on inside her, inside her head, her heart and soul. All they saw was a girl 'acting out' or a teenager 'going through a phase'. It was more then that, her inner struggle almost came to life or death. Her own death, or death to anyone who wronged her in the slightest. her eyes began to succumb to the terror in her heart, and soon you could see in her eyes that she was at war with her body. Her eyes alone told a story. A dark twisted tale that began to differ from her face, a face that was still able to fake her innocence.

She'd sit in her room, in the dark meditating with her inner evil. After awhile she began to love it, she felt it's power and she felt in control. But she wasn't, darkness has no leader. It spreads where it see's opportunity. Being a teenager meant pressure, peer pressure from friends. Drinking and smoking pot was her thing now, and if she in the slightest refused, she'd be labeled a 'prude'. Listening to music began to be her escape, sounds a bit antic, but the music began to fill her soul with light. She'd put in her earphones, turn up the volume and escape from her imperfect world. Not of the popular music today among teens, but music that actually made you feel something. Anything that connected to her soul and made her mind sway in rhythm, not only her body. As the music began to take over her, there was no place for the darkness to stay. Slowly it lifted from her mind, her heart and soul, soon the music made her free.

In the light of her dark times, she reminisced and promised herself she'd never succumb to such inner lucid blackness. Ever again, no matter her struggle, how lonely or broken she felt, that darkness would never have hold on her again.

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