Pain Causes Pride

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Painful indeed...

Submitted: February 10, 2007

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Submitted: February 10, 2007



Pain Causes Pride


You never did love me

You never did care

Now you want to be free

Who are you trying to scare


I thought we have something

I thought we’d end up being together

But what is this coming

Trying to put thing’s out of order


I gave my whole self to you

Devoted even my life

Because I know your love can be trusted

But I guess, this is nothing but wasted


Now you can have your freedom

And for me, my boredom

What will I do now?

Now that you’re out of my life


Don’t worry; I know I can find someone better

Better than myself, more deserving of my trust

But I’m still hoping that it is you I’ll find

Hoping that you’ll change your mind


All I have is you, all I need is you

Now, I don’t have you, but still I need you

I guess I truly love you

Hoping that you do, too


But now, it’s time to say goodbye

To hit our own roads

You to the left, me to the right

So, to keep you out of my sight

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