One Way Ticket to Escape from the Past

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It’s a date of my second birth today! In more accurate wording I would call it an anniversary of my time travel from the past world to the future one. It sounds strange and unreal like introduction
to the science fiction story. But it is not a science fiction at all. I remember it well as if it happened yesterday.

Submitted: October 01, 2017

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Submitted: October 01, 2017



October 3, 2003 was a long day that lasted 36 hours. The explanation is simple. It was usual 24 hours plus 12 hours of time zones difference. However the day length was not the main feature of what happened. There were much more important events. That day I travelled from Samara, Russia, to the opposite side of the planet Earth, Vancouver, Canada. Again, nothing unusual was in this trip and it was not the main feature of the day too. But before going further I would like to pose a question. Do you believe in the possibility of time travel at all? I do not hear the answer however can suggest that you don’t. And on my side, do I? The answer is not simple and, okay, I should say that I do not believe in time travel type of “push the button and go to the 14th of July 1789 to Paris to take part in Bastille storming.” But I know for sure that the time travel is possible on our planet. You simply have to use one way ticket to the proper place. My story is about this.

Early morning of October 3, 2003 I was in Kurumoch-Samara Airport exactly with one way ticket, which really made my regular Lufthansa flight a time travel one. But I didn’t know about this yet. The understanding of time traveling came step by step during this flight. Initially it was some kind of relief, after custom clearance and the border crossing. Serious anxiety about my passport, visa, baggage was based on my previous experience of Russian border passing. No smiles on security faces and my feeling that their check is about possibility to find some kind of flaw in my documents or things in my suitcase, what gives them a chance to bribe me for some kind of formal incorrectness, or, if they are lucky, even detain me. Crossing border in Russia was risky and dangerous moment for Russian travellers those years. But all my previous crossings happened in roundtrip touristic or business journeys. How all these security officers would behave when you are leaving Russia forever was not known and worried me. Fortunately, I did it without problems that day. Even my laptop was returned after one week advanced check without losses of information and software on the hard drive and disks. Finally I was here, in the international area of the airport, looking in the big window opened to the airfield.

The cup of coffee was in my hand and sipping it I was looking at the runway and well known for me landscape of the vast airfield area with Falcon Mountains on the horizon. The relief I felt after custom clearance and border crossing triggered pleasant thoughts that I finally cut the links with my past and made  the first step to the new world, known for me well but not belonged to me before.

I started travelling abroad in 1989 when so called “Iron Curtain” was falling before the Soviet Union collapsed in 1991. I even had a chance to stay for couple of months each in such countries as UK, USA and Germany. Therefore the western world was not unknown for me. But, as I told before, it wasn’t mine and every time I had to return back to the country of social injustice and reappearing totalitarianism. The understanding that I am cutting with my past came the first time to my consciousness together with the coffee at Kurumoch international terminal.

Sitting in the chair of the Airbus 319, flying west, I sorted through events in my memory, looking at them from perspectives of the past and future. There was some hope in the beginning of nineties that Russia has a chance to cut with its past itself and go forward to the future as a part of the western civilization. But this didn’t happen. We were very lucky that the privatization process went without civil war despite knowing how many people were killed in the fight for different kind of former Soviet properties. At the end of nineties, when privatization was finished and unjust separation of society was established it became clear for me that the future for this country is delayed. But real stop for hopes and understanding that there is no future for Russia in decades came together with the retired KGB lieutenant colonel posed to the highest power by Boris Eltsin, the always drunk President of Russia. My international activity and travels were taken under control by state authority again and I felt by my guts that this is only the beginning of return to darker past. I understood well that even being on business trip in civilized country, working and enjoying western way of life, I all time have to remember and everybody around will know that I am not a part of this world and never will be it if I travel here with round trip ticket. You can’t belong to the future world even temporary being prescribed to the past one permanently. Decision to break with the past for the future was done in 2000. It took me three years to overcome all formal barriers and get Canadian immigrant visa in 2003. And finally I was there in the plane falling asleep with these thoughts feeling that the A-319 carriers me to the future.

The event of crossing Russian border was not celebrated as planned before because I was sleeping, therefore the moment of entering the future world as I fixed it had come at 8:30 a.m. of Central European time when we landed in Frankfurt airport. It was the third step in my understanding of what was happening as a kind of time travelling. Feeling that I ridded myself of dependence on money hungry post-Soviet crony-capitalistic officials-grafters and fully corrupted society was great. I am really out of this stuffy stuff they, not me, are living in, the country with “sovereign” democracy and decaying and decomposing vertical of power. It’s in the past and I am starting new life practically from scratch.

The fourth and final step was done three years later when I took the Oath of Allegiance and pronounced: “I, Slava Zarubin, do swear that I will be faithful and bear true allegiance to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Second, Queen of Canada, Her Heirs and Successors. So help me God.” This was a last goodbye to the past.

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