Cool Summers Breeze

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An old poem :) hope you all like it!

Submitted: June 04, 2012

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Submitted: June 04, 2012



You came into my life unexpectedly

Like a cool breeze 

On a hot summers day

But, my dear you got too close to the flame

And you got burned

And I got put out

I said why not try again

But, you got too close to me again

You became very dear to my heart

I said do not put out my flame again my love

And you said I promise you forever

But where is the forever now

Now that you are gone

And I am only left with memories

Now I sit here alone

Waiting for another cool summers breeze

To enter into my life

Now all I have to do is preoccupy my time

With listless things

I think I have found my new love

In pill form, ecstasy

It helps me when I am missing you

Now all I can do is wait

But you say just let go

But, my love, you just do not understand

I still love you even if

I do not know you

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