Gypsy Heart ldr

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Poem about a LDR and a person :) read and comment?

Submitted: August 11, 2012

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Submitted: August 11, 2012




Does love, affection, feelings

Know anything about distance

Stay in one place

Don't stray to far

No, it never listens

My heart that is

Never listens to reason

Only wishes to do its own will

If I fall at 382 miles away

Who will be here to catch me

An invisible arm

An invisible embrace

An invisible hand to hold

More trust, more time, more communication

But only when something “normal”

Does not suffice

You tell me about your day

I tell you about mine

We talk for way too long

It seems about anything and everything

I don't mind that you keep me up till 3 am most nights

Because I would rather be up that late talking to you

This idiot heart of mine

May not know the difference between 7 minuets away and 7 hours

But I am glad it does not

because if it did,

I wouldn't know you <3

The distance may be hard

But each day that I get the chance to know more about you

I get to talk to you

The distance seems not so far away

You seem closer to home

Closer to me

Then you really are

This gypsy heart of mine

May roam far

May roam away from the intended path

But , I’m glad it found you

Along its journey

To god knows where

Because if it didn't

I wouldn't know you <3

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